Indian beliefs of Jealousy

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Will cleanse unwanted energies.
Indian belief.

Casting Instructions for 'Indian beliefs of Jealousy'

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Indians believe that sometimes it happens when anyone feels jealous of anything about any other person, then something bad gets happened to the thing or person, what he was jealous about, e.g : if you own the most expensive car in your city, and if anyone feels very jealous about you, then something can get wrong to the car or you. So, this is the belief, they name this impact as''najar'', the power of jealousy.

Methods are as follows:

for a person:Method 1:ask some other person to help, then he/she must take some salt in his/her right hand, then he/she should move the hand around the person supposed, starting from the legs and a swing towards the head top, again a swing back to the legs (this is now one round complete) and again to the top, Iike this one must make seven rounds around the person,then throw away the salt.

method 2:so,mostly peoples like to tie some blessed threads-strings, around the hands, legs, neck, or even the waist, mostly one of orange color blessed in a temple during the prayers by the Saint(s) there, else one with black color (may be blessed or not) also helps to get rid from ''najar''!

method 3:bathing in a holy river, or prayer of protection to deities.

method 4:probably the easiest and the only method I think you will feel perfect, simply don't believe this, yes, just stay positive, and forget about such impacts.

for things:peoples use some hanging black dolls or devil face mask, or some hand made string, one with a lemon and some (6-7)chillies. So, kindly I conclude, there are many other ways too, but I think it's already on this site, one or the other methods can help like itself meditation or aura cleansing.


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