A Spell to Help a Spirit Cross Over

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This is a spell to help a spirit to cross over.

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Sometimes when a person dies, their spirit gets stuck in this plane for some reason. They may sincerely want to leave for the afterlife, but fears, doubts and regrets weigh on them and keep them from entering into the other world. Following is an incantation which will loosen their ties to this world and open their way to the afterlife. This will only work if the spirit really wants to leave, and is not to be used to banish evil spirits. A time for everything and everything in its place, May the Angel of Destiny guide you beyond this impasse, Traverse in peace on the other side of the veil, My blessings, So mote it be. You dont need to be a practising witch to use this incantation anyone who has some sort of relationship with the spirit can recite it. Many times, spirits dont actually need help passing through the other side sometimes they are just waiting to send a message to their loved ones or to make peace with their family. Other times, they just need some time to accept their death, and to ensure that their family and loved ones will be able to overcome their grief. Once these things have happened, most spirits will be drawn to the light above, without needing the help of any magick.


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