Simple House Blessing

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • ·One bundle of white sage
  • ·One bundle of sweet grass
  • ·One abalone shell
  • ·One eagle feather

In the Native American culture, it is believed that to live peacefully in a new home, it is best to smudge your home with a combination of white sage and sweet grass. This cleanses your new abode of all of the negitive energies left by the previous owner.

Casting Instructions for 'Simple House Blessing'

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Put the sage and sweet grass into the abalone shell and light it. Once it begins to smoke, use the eagle feather to spread the smoke. Start by smudging the front and back doors. Simply spread the smoke over the door ways and pray that the negative energies occupying your home dissolve. Pray for wellness and joy.

Once you feel you are finished with the front and back doors, do the corners and walls of each room in the house, again praying for health and wellness. Doing it in this order also ensures that the negative energies aren't able to reenter the house. If you have a two story house, do the downstairs first and then do upstairs, doorways first, then the rest of the rooms.

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