Guilt eliminating spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • •A symbol that represents your wrong doings (could be more than one)
  • •A large candle
  • •Small stones or marbles
  • •A dark, concentrated room to perform the spell
  • •Belief!

This spell will help those who have committed a wrong doing. It is meant for small mistakes...not serious crimes. For example: you got a bad grade in school, you feel ashamed and upset. This spell can help small mistakes and guilt for wrongdoings. You must have faith in yourself or it will not work. You must believe in the power that you conceive. The only way this spell can go wrong is if you have committed a serious crime. In this case, you will not be helped, only put to what you deserve. Innocence can and will be brought upon those who make mistakes. Some of us, however, have a hard time accepting our mistakes, and this spell is here to help us.

Casting Instructions for 'Guilt eliminating spell'

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First, you will need to gather the equipment necessary to perform this spell. Place the large candle on the floor in the middle of a dark room. Place the small stones surrounding the candle. Light the candle and place your symbol (which must be an object) somewhere inside the circle of stones or marbles. Recite this spell 3x:
I call upon the gods of guilt and sin
To make me free from far within
Remove my worry and cleanse my soul
Happy thoughts and remedies replace this hole
Depressed no longer, I will not give a care
Because my wrong doings vanish, right amongst the air!

After saying this spell 3 times, blow out the candle and sit in silence for 10-20 mins thinking about new ways to move on from your mistakes. After about 24-48 hours, you will be introduced to feelings of happiness and strength. You will no longer worry or feel guilt for your previous wrong doings. This spell will work best if you keep your symbol(s) under your pillow every night. Good luck:)

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