Simple and easy powerful protection spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 amythist stone
  • A focused mine :)

This is a simple spell too protect your self :)

Casting Instructions for 'Simple and easy powerful protection spell'

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1. Lay on a nice flat surface, preferably near the mother (on grass, dirt, the earth) or somewhere you feel most at peace (comfortable bed)
2. Place the stone upon your heart holding it in your hand.
3. With your mind create a beam of yellowish-white light and focus it on the stone, the stone colour may Change too a blue or purple (don't worry that's okay!)
4. With that light spread it gently and even all over your body, take it slow you want too avoid any thin light and any holes
5. Any fear or anger or anything of that, and any negative sickness or illness, draw that into the light around your body. The light should turn a big of a darker colour or a colour you find not present (I hate dark yellow so my colour is always that) you want too scoop up it all and then push all that ugly colour out of your body into the sky. A goddess or god will catch it so don't worry about it coming back
6. You should be left with a faint peaceful white glowing light around your body.
7. Open your eyes and relax for a few minutes as your spirit gets used too the new light.


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