Brigid home protection spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • salt
  • bowl
  • garlic
  • new moon phase or tuesday night

brigid(pronounce as breed) is a celtic goddess of home and protetor of home.

if you feel treaten cast this spell but be aware because it can make the spirits angry signs of angry a strong breeze of wind
just cast first the veru best and most effevtive spell you ever know that protect you from bad spirits and evil spirits after this you will no longer be attacked by the spirits you banish because as you start this spell the bad ones start been throwing from nowhere.
blessed be
mail me if this spell effects on you

Casting Instructions for 'Brigid home protection spell'

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1 cut the garlic into bits.

2 mic garlic and salt in a bowl iy doesnt matter how many you put as long as it is enough.

3 go to your main door your back should face the door.

4 using yout right hand sprinkle the salt and garlic mix all over youre home until it creates a barrier like that cover youre whole home while sprinkling chant this:
"protector of home Brigid(pronouce as breed always remember)"
"protect our home from evil spirits and people with bad intention"
"dont let bad spirits and evil spirits enter our home"
"as i cast this spell goddess Brigid"
"protect our home from all evil"
"let be the bad spirits who dont leave our home be banish and thrown from nowhere allow only good spirits that protect us"

"let be the bad people with bad intention leave our home allow only good peoples with good intention"

"let my family and I be safe"

"Brihid here my voice and protect our home so mote it be"

5 do that until ypu finish sprinkling

6 if youre home is too big just repeat the chant until you reach where you start

7 if you are not finish saying the chant and you reach where you start just finish the chant but stop sprinkling


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