Seven Chakra Cleansing and Awakening

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 candle of the following colors; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, rainbow OR white.
  • Magic Healing Oil
  • Dragons blood oil
  • Olive oil
  • Roughly 1/8 cup of sea salt
  • Dragons blood inscent
  • The channeler, wear All BLACK.
  • The subject, also wear all black shorts.

Please note this spell is designed for two people, the person channeling the energy from the subject.

Casting Instructions for 'Seven Chakra Cleansing and Awakening'

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Have the subject lie down. Allow them to begin to relax, but do not let them go into complete mediation mode or fall asleep, for we must disturb them once. While they are beginning to relax, you(the channeler) will take all the candles and oils. Take your base oil, Olive oil, but it into a bowl and mix with a splash of dragons blood and healing oil. You dont need much of the add in oils, and make enough to have all the candles dressed and a smidgen left over.

Dress each and every candle! With the smidgen left over, have the subject roll over, and begin to rub the left over oil(COUNTER CLOCK WISE!!!) over the appropriate chakras.(Please note that the subject should feel comfortable in every way when performing this spell, and that you need to put oil on the fore head for the third eye chakra and the crown chairs should not contain any oil)

Now, have the subject lie on their back and allow then to completely relax now(but not fall asleep!) And line up the appropriate candles with the chakras. Once the subject is completely relaxed, light your candles, inscent, and sage stick. Channeler, do whatever you need to do to get your freaky mojo wiccan juices flowing, but in a timely manner. So plan ahead and meditate before this spell of required.

Now, begin with the subjects root chakra. Take the sage stick, wave it counter clock wise SEVEN times! ONLY SEVEN! Then, place your hand over the chakra(if the subject is completely comfortable with you touching them, go ahead and make contact, if not, just place hand over chakra) and begin to draw in the negative energy from the chakra with your hand, channel it through you preferred or strongest/open most chakra, and then ground it with your other hand so it creates a flowing net work.

Then take a pinch or pool of salt and place it on the chakra to keep negative energy from entering in durring the cleansing. Repeat for all chakras. When you get to the crown chakra, take one hand, and begin to pull the positive good energy from the universe and spread it into their chakras. Now you have completed the cleansing. Blow out the candles and snub out the age sticks. The subject can now move around and such.


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