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Chakra guide
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It has come to my attention many are confused about chakras so i will create an intro, climax and conclusion on this and try my best to update this

What are chakras?

Chakras are vorticies of energy scattered accross the subtle body which means they cannot be found physically. You cannot call a chakra a gland nor can it be transplanted contrary to popular belief. There are 7 major chakras (which we will focus on) 21 minor and numerous miniscule (very small) chakras. These chakras have many different purposes (mainly the major ones) they control every aspect of our selves regardless our conciousness of it. The chakras are responsible for our emotion, our thought, our energy intake and our psychic abilities the chakras once attuned must be maintained to preserve quality of life.

What are nadis?

Nadis (pronounced na-dees) are the energy counterpart ot veins and capilleries. The nadis are the pathways through which our chakra energy is passed through, the nadis also need ot cleansed from time to time.This can be done by special breathing exercises.

What is aura?

Now you may be wondering why aura is included here.

Auras are our energy identification cards (metaphorically speaking) it reflects US our true self, which no one else knows, it also gives you insight on how to improve our selves, the aura is coloured by the 7 main chakras, our chakras also are aligned to divinity as you will see soon in this thread.The brightness or absense of a colour can fortell which chakra is most inactive and which virtues/values you have to fix within yourself.

The actual chakras.

Below here are the list of the main chakras and their meanings

The Root Chakra

This chakra's element domain is earth, it is highly associated with being rooted and grounded, sturdy . The root chakra gives us our suirvival instinct. It it a chakra of nature. When this charka is balanced you can feel,secure,alive. When this chakra is grounded, you can stand up to people, know you have a leg to stand on. Red is the colour of the root chakra.

Sacral chakra

The sacral chakra is associated with the element water, this is known as the home of self, this chakra's colour is orange and is responsible for expression of emotion. Fear of emotion is result of and unbalanced sacral chakrak- note these are only small excepts on the chakras for the info i haveis too much to type in one instance.

The solar chakra which is yellow is responsible for the control of expressing emotion. It also represents our inner sun like our sacral is the inner moon, the solar chakra gives clarity and willpower.The solar chakra is governed by the element fire which gives it purity and cleansing

The heart chakra.

This chakra govererned by air it represents universal love. Its colours are green or rosepink (mainly green.)
The heart chakra is also a chakra of regeneration of bone and tissue etc

The throat chakra

This chakra is under the element ether or sound. The colour of this chakra is blue and is reponsible for communication, this is the chakra of telpathy,connection with your sprit guidess also rests here.

The brow chakra

This is the chakra of intuition and mental acuity, this is also one of our psychic centers well known for clairevoyance.This the chakra of wisdom, its elements are both dark and light.

It colour is indigo (a deep shade blue) this colour is not violet or purple as said as popular belief, through meditation violet colour may be seen because of spritual thought, this is the of footprint of the crown chakra.

The crown chakra.

this is the chakra of spritual thought, its colours are gold and violet this chakra represents oneness its element is purespirit .

this is the end the 7 chakras.


This powerful divine fire is regarded and the 8th chakra but that is not so, the kundalini the ancient force of nature which is represented by two snaked spiraling around each other is found in the root chakra.

Pranayama- the fullname for prana/mana is lifeforce energy which is carried through nadis can be found in all living things.

Note:. This is a small summary of the chakras, i wrote this on my phone so alot of effort had to be placed.

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as of now i discredit since i saw recently i great mistake with their chakra line up

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