Cleansing the Body of Negative Energies

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • White candle (for positive energy)
  • Black or dark blue candle (for negative energy)
  • Green candle (for healing)

This spell uses candle magic and an appeal to the Elements. One aspect needs to be noted. Black candles were once associated with Black Magic and malevolence but today are much more used to represent loss, sadness, discord and negativity.

Casting Instructions for 'Cleansing the Body of Negative Energies'

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In your sacred space, place the candles in a triangle with the green candle closest to you. Clear your mind of everything except what you are doing. Light the white candle, being aware of its symbolism and say the following: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Spirit; I ask thee to cleanse my body of all negative energies.

Light the black or blue candle, being aware also of its symbolism. Repeat the words above and pause to let the energies come to a natural balance. Light the green candle and again repeat the above words. Sit back, keep your mind clear and be peaceful for at least 10 minutes.

When the time feels right either snuff out the candles or allow the green one to burn right down so that you are filled with healing energy. You should feel rested and relaxed and more ready to tackle problems as they arise. Make this part of your weekly routine till you feel it no longer to be necessary.

This article was contributed by Angelina_20

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