Making Blessed/Holy Water

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A bowl
  • 3 pinches of sea salt
  • Tap or spring water

Holy Water water can be used to heal, purify and bless people or objects and can be made in many different ways.

Casting Instructions for 'Making Blessed/Holy Water'

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Pour some water into bowl, hold your hands over the water and say something along the lines of.. Creature of water i exorcise thee in the name of the divine goddess, i rid this water of all negitivity both see and unseen. May this water become pure and true to my intentions.

Put 3 pinches of the salt into your palm and say.. Creature of salt i exorcise thee in the name of the divine goddess, i rid this salt of all negativity both seen and unseen. May it cleanse and purify this water.

Pour the salt into the bowl of water and and stir 3 times clockwise with your finger, wand, or athame.Place your hands over the water plams down and imagine white or gold light streaming from them and into the water (close your eyes if you want)and say.. I cleanse and concentrate this water in the name of the divine goddess, may it heal cleanse and purify all that it touches. So mote it be!

Carry out your magickal workings, or bottle up the water if you wont be using it any time soon.

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