Bones of Anger Hex

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Chicken bones
  • Anger
  • Hammer
  • Bag
  • Bell

A hex against someone you are angered with.

Casting Instructions for 'Bones of Anger Hex'

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Gather bones of chickens and dry them in the sun for a few days.Then when you are ready to do this hex make sure you are worked up into a frenzy of anger and hatred. This will add to the potency of your hex! Be thinking of all this while doing this hex and when it says with these bones I now do crush take a hammer or use your feet to stomp and crush these bones as if they were your enemy before you!

When you are done sweep them up and place them in a bag. You will then want to sprinkle the dust and remains of the bones on your enemys property around his house. If you have a bell ring it 3 times and say, I call upon the Ancient Ones from the great abyss to do my bidding. I invoke Cthulhu, God of Anger and the creatures of the underworld hear me now.

Bones of anger, bones to dust- full of fury, revenge is just. I scatter these bones, these bones of rage: take thine enemy, bring him pain. I see thine enemy before me now. I bind him, crush him, and bring him down. With these bones I now do crush: Make thine enemy turn to dust. Torment, fire, out of control: With this hex I curse your soul.


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