Banishing Bad Habits

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 black candle
  • 1 white candle
  • Tarot deck

Use this spell to get rid of any bad habit you might have.

Casting Instructions for 'Banishing Bad Habits'

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Use your tarot deck to ask what your bad habit is. Don't forget to be specific in what you're asking! If you feel that you already know what habit you are wanting to banish, find a card that represents that habit.

Knowing which habit you are wishing to break, prepare to set up your work space. Set your black candle on the left side in front of you, and your white candle on the right side. Now set the tarot card that represents you bad habit in between the candles.

Now, light your black candle and say:

This holds me back. No more will I do it. No more is it part of me.

Now light the white candle and say:

This is my might and my courage and my victory. This battle is already won.

Now picture in your mind the habit you want to break. Picture yourself free from it. After a few minutes of imagining your victory, put out the black candle, then the white.

Repeat this as necessary. Best used at nights, preferably around midnight.

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