Shot glass circle casting

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 tbsp dirt
  • 1 tbsp water
  • 1 red chime candle
  • 4 skinny shot glasses
  • (Offering optional)

Using shot glasses to cast a circle as a replacement for multiple candles

Casting Instructions for 'Shot glass circle casting'

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Add your 1 tbsp of water to one of your shot glasses to represent the west
Add your 1 tbsp of dirt to represent the north
Heat up the bottom of your red candle to stick it to the bottom of your next shot glass to represent the south
Leave your last shot glass empty to represent air
And you don't need a shot glass for spirit. Simply use your own energy to fill for this.

You can use your own chant to call the elements as you normally would. Or you can use this.

Starting at the east: I call upon thee oh glorious air that fills my lungs and flows through the trees

Light your red candle and say: I call upon thee element of fire that shines so bright and warms my soul

Water: I call upon thee element of water who's beauty created the oceans

Earth: I call upon thee element of earth who's strong force teaches us and provides to us

Spirit: I call upon thee spirit acne manifest you here so I may give thanks to you for making me whole

If you're using an offering, offer whatever it is to each element. Once you're no longer in need of your circle, release each element starting from spirit to air saying "I release thee (element) go if you must, stay if you like" then end it however you wish.

I hope you enjoy :)


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