Healing Spells

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Spell Index => Health Spells => Healing Spells

The power of healing spells is perhaps the greatest of all spells. When dealing with the power of health, you are dealing with life and death.

However, the spells included here are fairly weak healing spells. These spells can help to heal wounds and scars in less time then it would normally take, and there are arely any concequences from miss-cast spells.

More Free Healing Spells

Hand Healing
Heal a Sick Person
Healing a Depression
Healing pain
Healing Soak
Herbal Acne Remedy
Memorial for Unborn Children
Moon Soak
More powerful than spells
Overcoming your Shadows
Qi-Gong healing
Send Love To Another
Simple Healing Spell
Small Scratch Healer
The Witch's Ladder
To Heal the Face
Tooth Healing Spell
~Angelic Spirit Guides~
A Healing Enchantment
Banishing spell
Basic Healing Spell
Calling the energies
Candle Healing Spell
Casting A Circle
Create A Healing Mirror
Dragon Healing Spell
Druidic Light Healing Spell
Energy Healing
Freedom from Stress Spell
Gods/Goddesses Healing
Heal a blocked nose.
Heal Bleeding
Heal Physical Pain
Heal Your Pain Spell
Healing and Protection
Healing Energy
Healing for aches and pain
Healing Spell
Healing the Body
Healing Water-holed Stones
How to Remove a Curse or Hex
Love and Hugs Dollie
Negative energy jail
No pain
Past Problems Away
Pendulum healing spell
Quarts Healing Spells
Remote Healing
Save A Tree
Simple Healing Spell
Skin Healing Ritual
Soul Cleansing Spell
Stop Bleeding
Stop Yourself from Bleeding
Summon Zeveron
The Earth Bed
To Heal (Earth Element)
To Heal the Soul
Wisp of Willow
~Spell to Protect from Pain~
Healing Water-holed Stones
A Modern Witch's Healing Spell
A-Light Spell
Acoda's Anti-Acne Spell
Angel Healing Spell
Aqua Healing
Aura Cleansing
Aura Healing
Bagging Stress
Banish Holy
Become a witch.
Black Magic Protection
Blood Spell
Cat Vision
Cleansing your aura
Cough and Sore Throat Tea
Curage Chant
Cure Sight Corruption.
Curse Absorbtion Spell
Egyptian energy healing.
Emergency Healing
Energy Healing
Energy Healing (Low Level)
Energy Spell
Fever Healing
Fire Healing Spell
Gem attributes
Get rid of a Headache
Gypsy Healing Spell
Headaches Begon.
Heal a cut
Heal a fallen animal
Heal Acne
Heal pain for 24 hours
Heal Physical Pain
Heal Yourself With Water
Healer's kiss
Healing a broken heart
Healing a Cut
Healing a wound
Healing an Injury
Healing Chant
Healing colors
Healing cup
Healing Others
Healing Physical Pain
Healing Potion
Healing Potion
Healing Prayer
Healing Sore Throat Potion
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing spell
Healing spell
Healing Spell
Healing spell
Healing Spell 15
Healing Spiritual Illness
Healing with colors
Heart heal after a love
Heat Rash Healing Spell
Help me breath
How to Cast a Spell
Itch Reliefe
Ki Healing
Lady Reanna's PMS Tea
Magic Awakining
Make your self warm
Pain Healing
Phone Work
Plant Spell
Pranic breathing
Protection Spell
Recipe-Tonic Wines
Release stress
Repair broken feather
Reverse a Spell
Rid yourself of Minor Pain
Scab over
Sensing the energy
Simple healing spell
Snake's venom (potion)
Spell Bag for Health
Spell of Isis.
Spell to Banish Illness
Spirit Medicine Ritual
Stop minor bleeding
Stop pains
Stress spell
Sunburn and Vinager
The Healers Prayer
The Think Pink Spell
To Cure Sickness
To heal a broken heart
To heal any type of Pain Fast
To make Spells Work Better
To stop a wound from bleeding
Tree Magic
Violet Healing Spell
Witches Brew
*Magick Circle*
A Light Spell
Air anger
Angelic Waves
Aura Healing Tea
Banish Negativity .
Basic Healing
Be Seen as You Truly Are
Bottle of Healing
Calming Spell
Charging Stones
Cleanse Object
Clear Skin
Comfrey and Calendula Poultice
Crystal Healing
Cure For General Sickness
Cure wound
Dispell a Headache
Easing pain
Easy Healing Spell
Emergency Protection Spell
Energy Potion
For Stomach Pain
Get rid of ringworm
Go Away Fever
Gods/Goddesses Healing
Happiness Spell
Heal a bruise or Relieve Pain
Heal A Household
Heal Cuts
Heal yourself
Healing ''brew''
Healing a Wound
Healing From Afar
Healing Potion
Healing Potion
Healing Restoration Spell
Healing Skin
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell on Foods
Healing towel
Health Spell
Herb Healing Spell
Holy Water Healing
Liberate yourself
Love spell
Lunar Health Water
Mental Healing Bath
Minor Healing Spell
My Family the World
My Spell To See Better
Pain Free
Peace Spell
Perfect your nose
Physical Healing
Power of 3 Healing Spell
Protection from Nightmares
Quick and Easy Healing
Redeem Yourself / Another
Remove empathic pain
Rosemary herbal tea recipe
Self Healing Spell
Simple Healing Spell
Spell for Common Cold
Spiritual Sin Cleansing
Strong healing potion
The fix-it spell
The Moon Goddess Spell
To Relieve Anxiety
Tumor relief spell
Warts Be Gone!!
Winds of change
Wound heal
~Lady Oriel Healing~
Amethyst Cure (for remotely healing a loved one)
Chakra Restoring Ring Enchantment
Healing Pouch for PMS and Cramps
Jordans headache banishing spell
Rid Your Body of Minor Aches and Pains
Sorrow to happiness for five hours
Tasty Potion to Heal a Cold/Cough
A Simple Recipe to Cure a Sore Throat
Blessed Bath and Ridding yourself of Bad/Negative Energies
Incantation to Empower a Healing Amulet or Charm
Meditation to Rid Oneself of Negative Energy
Spell for Peace and Understanding
A spell to help lift hard feelings and heal emotional rifts
Blondie's spell to cure a broken heart
Cure a sour throat or horseness
Heal someone and banish another at the same time
Pain Relieving and Tolerance Technique
Purification Spell (To Break a Curse)
To Treat Them If They Are Bitten by a Snake
Chakra Healing Cleansing Ritual Bath
Healing and Protection Herb Jar
Healing Some One you love spell
Make Your Friend Appreciate You More
Prayer Spell for Healing and Health
Spell To Stop Bleeding by MermaidTale
To Cleanse Against Evil Thoughts
a good night's rest
get back your ex
healing spell
the healing rune
head ache away spell
cold fighting spell
cure poisen
flu be gone
heal an infected cut
healing a family member
healing incese
healing someones soul
healing spell
healing spell from a distance
heart be healed spell
moon & sea protection
plea to the goddess of light
rose water
self healing candle spell
spirit animal shape shifting
throughte ache
to summon god
angel spell really works!
cure hiccups
demonic healing spell
feel better spell
healing minor wounds
healing spell
my time magick spell
soup to become healthy
to heal a person
undo curse
calling your grandmother crone energy
spell to banish ill health from another
health spell for someone in bad state
easy healing spell (not tested)
Hasten Recovery
Heal A Sunburn
Healing Apple
Healing potion
Healing Soup Spell
Immortal Healing Spell
Migraine Healing Spell
Moonlight Healing
Othala's Ju Ju Powder
Proper Healing Technique
Radiant Health
Separation Spell
Simple Meditation
Strong Healing Spell
To give up ... spell
To Relieve Anxiety
Witches Ladder
Apollo's Prayer
Basic Curse Breaker
Bury Pain
Calming the Mind
Candle magic
Clear Skin Mask Spell
Cure a Stomach Ache
Depression/Stressed Spirit
Druidic Healing Spell
Ease Pain
Faster healing of wounds
Get Rid of a headache
Headache Banishing Spell
Heal a broken relationship
Heal most ailments
Heal Your Pain
Healing a wounded tree
Healing Bath
Healing Flames
Healing Image Spell
Healing Spell
Healing through pure energy
Isis Girdle( Energy Spell)
Mend A Broken Heart
New Moon Milk Bath
Parent kindness potion
Peace and Light
Physical Body Change
Relaxation Ritual
Remove a Headache
Simple Healing Spell
Simple Healing Spell For Pain
Sleep Well
Spell For Clear Skin
Stop the Cough
Stress Spell
Thaumaturge Spell
To cure most common sickness
To Heal A Large Pain
Tooth Healing Rinse
Wildlife Healing.
Wisp of willow
Gods helping Hand
A Healing Poppet Spell.
A- Medication Spell
Acne spell really works
Acoda's Rain Spell
Anti-Flu Potion
Arthritis Healing spell
Aura Healing
Auric Healing Spell
Banish Grief
Be Warm
Begone Now
Blessing for the Body
Candle healing
Cleansing Spell
Cold and Flu charm
Cura (Cure)
Cure A Cold
Cure Swine Flu Angel Spell
Defense/Heath Potion
Elements spell
Emprissioning the evil spirt
Energy Healing
Energy Healing (Middle Level)
Erase a Bad Memory Spell
Fever Healing Spell
Fish Revival Spell
Get another to agree
Gilbert Ring
Headache Chant
Heal a broken heart
Heal a cut
Heal a Heart of Hatred
Heal Illness chant
Heal Pain Spell
Heal power
Healer Mage Healing
Healing a Cut
Healing a minor wound
Healing a Wound
Healing Bath
Healing Charm
Healing Crystal
Healing Incense
Healing Pain
Healing Potion
Healing Potion
Healing Powder
Healing rain
Healing Spell
Healing spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spiritual Illness
Healing Tea
Healing Yourself or Another
Healthy Living
Heartbreak healing
Help a plant grow spell
Herbal Salves And Ointments
Isis Healing Spell
Ki healing
Lady Reanna's PMS Tea
Lighten Pain
Make headaches go away
Moon Healing
Personal Healing Hand
Photo Frame Healing
Potion for Healing
Psi ball healing
Relax Meditation
Relieve Pain
Retrieving memory of self past
Revival hair chant
Rose Quartz Healing
Salt Power
Self - healing
Simple Healing Spell
Simple Healing.
Soul Cleancing Chant
Spell for Healing
Spell to Banish a Fever
Spell to heal
Stomach ache begone!!!
Stop Ones Bleed
Stress Relief
Summon Any Spirit to Heal You
Talking out the fire
The Healing
To bless water
To gain Energy
To Heal A Pet
To Help A Friend
To Make Sun Water
To Use a God to Heal
Undo a Curse
Well Being Spell
~Healing Liquid~
A 10 knot witches ladder
Acne Aid
Angel's Peace
Anger Calming Spell
Balances the Chakras
Banishing emotional pain
Bay Rum
Black Magic Protection
By The Witches.
Chakra Healing Bag
Cleanse Mind
Cleansing the Aura 2
Color healing
Conquer a fear
Cure a Bruise
Cure for Nausea
Cure Your Phsyical Pain
Earth Healing Cone
Easy Forgivness Spell
Easy Pain Relief Spell
Emergency Protection Spell.
For Burns
Gain Energy from Nature
Getting Rid of Your Sadness
God healing
Good luck
Happiness Spell
Heal a fire burn
Heal an Infected Cut
Heal my broken heart
Healing A Friend
Healing Animal Spell
Healing pain spell
Healing potion
Healing Power Bath
Healing Ritual for Depression
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing spell
Healing Spell
Healing spell!!
Healing your Sister
Help Ebb Away Arthirits
Herbal Remedy for Sunburn
Lemon Ring Protection
light of GOD spell
Luna's healing potion
Meditation grounding spell
Mental pain
Most Powerful Addiction Spell
My Spell To Hear Better
Oil of Healing
Pain Relieving Potion
Peeling Skin Elixer
Physical Body Change
Power of 3 Healing Spell
Prayer to Apollo
Purifying Bath
Raphaels heal
Relieve Stress
Restoration of Minor Injury
Searing flame meditation
Simple Animal Healing Spell
Simple Herbal Remedy
Spell to speed up healing
Stop controlling me
Super Dog!
The Goddess
To Heal a Family Member
To take Away the Pain
Uniorn Healing Spell
Wheezy Chest
Witch Wreath
Youth and healing
A-Healing Technique for Someone Else
Blue Quartz, cleansing/enchanting spell
Eucalyptus Oil Candle Spell for Healing
Herb and Crystal Healing Bath Sachet
Opening Yourself Up to Love and Healing
Riding negative Conditions with Snow
Spell for Cleansing the body of Negative Energy
Witch's Blessing for a Home and the Dwellers
Banishing bruses,Scars,or Scratches
Cleansing/Healing by your Spirit Guide(s) or Familiar(s) Spell
Kikatsugan Recipe to help stop mental weakening
Physical Healing for loved ones
Turn your self i to a vampire easy.
A Spell To Relieve Drink Dependence
Color Energy Healing (High Level)
Headache cure. (for others only)
Magick Balm to Heal a Broken Heart
Prayer to undo the effects of the past
To increase Health and Vitality
Voodoo Healing Chant (For minor and trivial wounds)
Cure Someone's Emotional Sadness
Healing ball (for stomach aches)
Magick Infused Healing Potion With Chant
Positive Energy Therapy for a Far Away Person
Simple Cleansing/Protection Spell
The Restoration of the Inner Soul
To Cleanse Yourself of Bad Energy
cure of water
have good dreams
spell to reverse depression
ease stomach ache v2
burning pain healing
communication healing spell
ease stomach ache
four elements healing spell
healing a friend or relative
healing of the light dragon
healing spell
healing spell for a friend
healing spell simple
isis healing potion
ocean's health
peace in mind
revive a plant
scratch eradication
sing a cure food poisoning
the spell of three folds
to heal oneself and others
all heal spell
bless spirits
cure of the gods
druid healing enchantment
happiness spell
healing spell
healing sprained arm
schizofrenia stop
strong spiritual healing
to heal a pet
water meditation
healing spell/get rid of curse/or banisment
basically a chant for just finding yourself
banishing negativity/depression/stress/etc


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