Be Warm

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • You
  • Your Hands
  • Open Third-Eye (Optional)
  • ANY Storng Chakra (Best root chakra over 50 % .)
  • Belief In Magick.

This is another really powerfull spell that I posted ,its maked to you heat any part of body , or the whole body.

Casting Instructions for 'Be Warm'

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So lets start with this tested spell ! Firstly , if your Third-Eye is OPEN, close eyes and relax.Put your hand together and fill it with BLACK energy (The Black energy is NOT negative energy , its color of OUR Univere/um.BUT still if you fill it with NEGATIVE Black energy it WILL have own problems in future ! :) :\.) If your Third-Eye is NOT opened , you WILL need a ANY strong Chakra of yours,the way is the same!.

After That take your hands , and put it on the part you wanna to be Warm/Heated ,(If youre Right Handed , first right hand and left on right hand !,if Left Handed another way !.) ,or ! If you want the whole body to be warm , put your hands on your chast (The same princip of right/left handed !.) And read this powerfull lines ! :
"Oh Goddesses of Emina , help me , not warm , but cold,I want your power to heat me , please do it so!" (2x)

(Put whatever name of Godesses/God do you belive in !.)

And thesse powerfull lines also ! :"Oh you the Biggest ______ ,hear my plea,heet me , with your soul ,with your big and strong hands ,take me , heat me !"


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