Basic Ki Defense

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These techniques will teach you how to protect yourself from magickal attacks.

Casting Instructions for 'Basic Ki Defense'

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Grounding: Stand in a fighting position and feel your Ki create roots into the ground. This makes your attacks/defenses stronger and helps prevent burnout. (When you run out of Ki.

Ki Ball: This is the basic starter for most techniques. First, cup your hands like you were holding a basketball and feel the Ki flow from your chest and palm chakras into your fingertips. the, when you've built up enough Ki, push it out of your hands into a physical form. You should be able to feel it's energy. You will be able to see it when you become more advanced.

Ki Shield: First, create a Ki ball. After that, expand it into an outer shell (If you put too little energy into the ball, it will simply disappear!). Now start to fill it with your Ki. If you've done it right, you should be able to defend yourself from a few magical attacks.

Ki Overload: First create a Ki Shield, and fill it with as much Ki as possible. (Remember not to Ground yourself as to be able to put less Ki into the Shield.)now put even more Ki into it so it can't handle it all. This should cause it to explode, knocking everybody back.

Ki Blast: First, create a Ki ball, and fill it up with as much power as you can (It helps if you're grounded). Then, aim BEHIND the target (This is because Ki travels like a shockwave, and ends where you aim.) and do a double-palmstrike. (Think a Dragonball Z Kamehameha.)


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