Boywnn Animal Healing Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Blue Candle
  • Red Candle
  • Oak leaves as incense

This is to HELP a animal that is already healing. It will speed up the healing process, NOT do anything like what you see on TV and movies.

This spell is from the Bowynn tradition but can be altered to your own.

Casting Instructions for 'Boywnn Animal Healing Spell'

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Set your altar up as you wish. Then invoke the gods of your pantheon that deal with the care of animal (Artemis, Tonto, Reye, Dionysus) ect. Do not invoke divinities from paths other than your own.

Now speak proudly your first prayers and give and offering.

Take up the blue candle in hand and start to charge it with healing and calm blue light. As you do this say the following 6 times:

"Into thee so I grace
The power of calm and warm.
Radiate you gifts far beyond
and bless those I wish to charm."

Now take up the red candle and infuse it with red healing energy. As you do, say the following 8 times:

"Candle so red, Candle so red
I infuse you with healing _______.
Radiate your gifts far Beyond
And bless this dear noble pet."

Now light the candles. As you do see there energy blast outward and fill the room and beyond, like a firework or a sun going super-nova. See the red and blue candles merge in the middle to make a purple spiritual energy as well. Say the following bowynn chant. (If not Bowynn you can skip this and fill in with your own prayers)

"Reye kae Hern. Brand kae Ve. Vo om em aelles, hlass ad adden had don meer. Kai tson to tson kadessel adden plor geddess olon. Syember!"

Now place your hand s about the candles and recite the following

"Sweet goddess, noble god, to you I prayer.
you of the animal spirits and protection.we
I stand before you and ask this,
I ask that __(pet name)__ be entrusted to your care.
Allow the their own recuperating powers
Of their body to be rejuvenated.
Bring light of the candles here may they be blessed
And by your ever giving and caring hands.
Warmth and comfort ___(pet name)___,
And send to them waves of healing"

Now say another set of prayers to the gods. Let the candles burn out. If they are too big, blow them out as you say "With loves sweet kiss." Never pinch out a burning wick. you can reuse the candle later for as many days as you need to.


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