Emergency Protection Spell.

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Contra-Danos (Against Harm/Evil)Oil or Perfume.
  • Link: &s=Indio+Oils&id=9060
  • Others you may purchase for this is: &s=7+Sisters&id=100432
  • or
  • &s=7+Sisters&id=82714
  • They run about $50 at the stores as an oil, as a perfume they run about $00 all USD.

This is something you will need to buy for your most difficult times. You buy it at a Latino witch shop called a ''Botanica'' or ''Curandero.'' Google them or look in the yellow pages for them.

Casting Instructions for 'Emergency Protection Spell.'

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Put some oil on your neck and wrists when you feel like you are dieing and it will go away.

If you are doing this for a friend, do the same thing but say as you put the potion on yourself, this is to cure my friend.

I recommend you buy the oil, perfume, a talisman and a large candle (prepared), from the botanica. You can also use a Virgin Mary, St. Jude, Jesus Christ and St. Charbel sculpture (they are like $3USD ea.) Ask the Cuban Santeria person at the Curandera/Botanica store to help you make them anti-evil (no this will not harm spirits). Anti-evil means anti-harm.

I have one you can use for free but you have to call me, email me and it will go to my phone and I will give you my phone number or facebook me at On the subject write "Noochies Help Me I'm From Spells Of Magic." so I could know it's an emergency.

You can also use the oil in a traditional way like with an oil burner but I say in an emergency it is best to put it on your wrist and neck anyway possible, there's no wrong way as long as the oil touches your skin.

(this is to heal the spirit and not cure cancer or HIV, ask your Cuban Santero for this and he will prepare something for you.)


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