Heal a Broken Heart

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 black or navy blue candle
  • Paper and pen
  • Fireproof dish

Has someone hurt you emotionally? This spell works to help keep bad feelings away after this kind of trauma.

Casting Instructions for 'Heal a Broken Heart'

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Using the pen, inscribe the candle with the word depression, then make a list of all the things youre upset and depressed about. Its important to be brutally honest here, so dont leave anything out, even if you think its silly. Once youve finished, light the candle and place the list in front of it. Visualize yourself plucking each item on the list from your life, and totally destroying it.

Handle these one by one until you can see that they all cease to live, then say something like:

Depression, that which cause doubt from my heart, I cast you out. I am strong and you are weak. Havoc you no longer wreak. As I pluck you from my life, I melt away all pain and strife.

Place the list in the fireproof dish, then set the list on fire, saying something like:
There is no room for compromise. Burn to ashes before my eyes. And with you dies your hold on me. As i will, so mote it be.
After the ashes cool, flush them down the toilet.


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