Heal a Twisted Ankle & Relieve Pain

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A bowl of lukewarm water
  • Hands
  • Voice
  • Focus

My cousin did this spell on me once and I have preformed in on a friend and myself since. It has worked every time it's done in my presence. If there is swelling or broken bones this spell is not for you, seek medical attention.

Casting Instructions for 'Heal a Twisted Ankle & Relieve Pain'

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Take off any shoes/socks and roll up the leg of the pants on the afflicted. Dip your fingers in the bowl of water and slowly let the water drip down the leg starting halfway below the knee. VERY lightly, run your fingers down the lower leg to the ankle with the water, re-dipping your fingers as need, while telling the afflicted to close their eyes and imagine the pain they feel being pulled into the water droplets running down their leg and running out of them. Imagine with them. Focus on the image of their pain receding with the water. Remember to speak in calming hushed tones about how their pain is flowing with the water out and off of their leg/ankle. Do this for a few minutes or as long as you feel necessary. Once the afflicted is visibly calmed and not in pain anymore you may stop. Gently pat the water off the leg with a towel when youve finished.

This article was contributed by RayvnNekane

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