Simple Meditation

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • your mind
  • darkness, but not too much
  • quiet, or a single constant sound
  • a comfortable sitting position

Here is a simple meditation. The simplest out there, but it is useful. It gradually pulls you deeper and deeper into a trance.

Casting Instructions for 'Simple Meditation'

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First sit comfortably in that dark, quiet room. A good position to sit in is crossed legs. Start by closing your eyes and breathing deeply. Try to relax, if you can. If there is a sound, try to focus on the sound. If there is only quiet, just focus on the quiet. If a thought or idea enters your head and you pull your attention to it, just return your attention to the sound/quiet. Stay like this until your mind settles.
Now notice your breathing. Don't change it, just pay attention to it. Settle your attention on it the same way you did on the sound/quiet. Your breathing is a more inward thing, so this shift brings you further inside yourself. Your focus shifts gently inward...
Soon you will find it easy to focus on your breath. Now imagine a simple place, like a beach, a waterfall, a forest. Visualize yourself exploring the place, and settle your attenetion on your exploration. This shifts your attention further inward. Just stay in that place for as long as you want. It will heal and relax you.
If you see someone there, in your inner place, talk to them. They may be able to help you. They may even be your spirit guide or guardian angel. I hope this meditation is worthwhile to you. Blessed be!


This article was contributed by sonofmedb

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