Heal an Infected Cut

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Spruce/Pine Gum
  • Peppermint Leaves

Using Native healing techniques from North Western Canada

Casting Instructions for 'Heal an Infected Cut'

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This is fairly simple. What you need to do is collect a whack load of Spruce or Pine gum. Generally Pine is better, but Spruce is more common. It depends where you live or where you have access to the trees. Make sure the gum is fairly clean. Put it in a bucket and put it over a fire. Heat it up so its nice and hot. While doing this, visualize all the negative stff leaving the gum

Next, get some peppermint leaves. Make sure that they are clean, fresh, and are not spotched. If they have brown spots, dont use it. Find an all over green leaf. It might be best to try and find a couple just in case. Wash it thoroughly. Make sure you dont break it or make it too thin from washing.

Heat up the gum again but make sure it isnt too hot. Make it comfortably warm. Pour it on the infected cut. From there, smear some around the edges and stick the peppermint leaf on it. The gum around the edge is to make sure it sticks.

After a couple days, check it. If its still kind of gross and infected, try again. If this doesnt work again, Id sugest seeing a general practitioner.


This article was contributed by Kolaid

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