Qi-Gong Healing

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Learn the basics of chi healing.

Casting Instructions for 'Qi-Gong Healing'

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Chi healing can be amazingly powerful, it has healed everything from bruises to tumors. But the first thing your going to focus on healing in the beginning is a simple head ache. Wait until the next time youve got a headache, then place your hand over the aching area and gather your ki (chi). Slowly lower your ki-filled hand onto your head. You should instinctively know where to place each of your fingers. The places you will feel you need to place your fingers will be one of the many meridians in your body. These meridians pass chi energy through them. The more important meridians around the center of your body are called Chakras.

As you place your hand on the aching area, you should feel a sort of wave of energy passing through your head. Keep your hand on the area, and feel your chi manifest through your shoulder into your hand and into your head. Practice this for a while until the healing process is faster and faster. And then you can move on to bigger things like bruises. When I first started I actually inflicted bruising on myself (which I came to find that the Shaolin monks do this when practicing qigong healing) and healed it. And thats about it. Once you master bruise healing, youve pretty much mastered the basics. From there you can practice yourself and master qigong healing in incredible ways.


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