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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Mind
  • Will
  • A well air-conditioned area
  • An obsession and/or addiction
  • A strong conscious state

Trade your obsessions for something even better

Casting Instructions for 'Aerokinesis'

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(Note: this spell requires an obsession/addiction. This does not mean that you need to go get alcoholic drinks to give yourself an *addiction*. All you need is something like a second-hand habit. I am not responsible for people getting drunk due to their lack of common sense. Other than that, continue)

Sit down, preferably cross-legged, and think of your obsession. Now think of an object that represents it. Imagine this item getting picked up by an air current. As it gets picked up, raise your right hand. You should see the item rise higher and higher into the air.
Once your right hand is head height, begin raising your left hand. The item should start to fall, as if the current has dissipated. When your left hand reaches head height, the item should have hit the ground.
Now lower both hands. As you do this, the debris should begin to blow away. Once all debris are gone, chant:

"As magic flows strong,
Addiction will no longer belong,
As I have learned the error of my ways,
And shall not practice this on any days,
For balance shall always reign,
As without it, there would be pain."

Once you have completed the chant, stand up. What you would once feel compelled to do should be gone, and replaced with something different...


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