Physical Healing for loved ones

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 lavender candle
  • 1 Boline or other tool to engrave the candle
  • Lavnder Oil
  • 1 amethyst stone

For healing your friends and family!!!( this isnt really a spell, its more of a ritual, but whatevs!) ;)

Casting Instructions for 'Physical Healing for loved ones'

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Before the ritual create your own sigil to represent the person you are working to help for, perhaps their entwined initials or the initial of their forename coupled with something which brings them to mind( i can represent my friend with a cat sitting on top of a J) and look up the sigil of their sun sign. Once you've created your Sacred Space, consecrate the candle and the stone in the usual way. Carve both the sigils into it, together with the caduceus( the international symbol of healing.I know its hard to carve into a candle, but just do your best!)Next take the oil and anoint the candle, starting in the center and working out towards the ends. Now hold the candle up and say " I call upon the Goddess and God,upon the healers of all. As this candle burns bring health and strength to ( name of the person your trying to heal). Blessed Be." Light the candle and, while looking at the flame, visualize the person and the healing process taking place. When you feel that your magic has started, take the stone and anoint it with a drop of the oil. Hold this up and say " I call upon the Goddess and the God, upon the healers of all. Lend your strength to this token to bring health and healing to ( name of person u wanna heal). As he/she carries it may he/she grow daily in health and strength. Blessed Be." Put the stone safely to one side. After your ritual make sure you give the stone to your loved one as soon as possible. If they are not prepared/fit to carry it, then place it by the side of their bed. Sorry that this was so long, but i cant leave anything out!! Good luck!!! :) - Credits to "The Real Witches' Book of Spells and Rituals" by Kate West -


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