A-Healing Technique for Someone Else

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A length of grass, string or ribbon

There is a whole art in knot tying which-actually arose among the Celtic people and-later became an illustrative art. If you are able-to do it the reef-knot - beloved of scouts and-woodcrafters - is the ideal knot for this spell,-since it will not come undone. Tying a knot can-also be used as healing for someone else.

Casting Instructions for 'A-Healing Technique for Someone Else'

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This requires you to tie a double knot in your chosen material. In using material which will-return to the earth and rot away you must also think of the pain or difficulty as dissolving.

Tie one knot going first from left to right and saying words such as: Pain be-gone.Its now withdrawn

Now tie a knot in the opposite direction and use words such as: This pain is held;Its effects dispelled

Now bury the knot, preferably well away from the person concerned. As you bury it, give a blessing such as: Bless this place and make it pure.Ill gone for good we now ensure

Now you can leave nature to do its work.

In this spell you tie your knot with the idea of binding the pain and then getting rid of it. This maybe a slow process if the condition is a long standing-one and sometimes we have to remember that there are spiritual lessons to be learned through sickness. Obviously the person concerned should also have medical help, so part of your responsibility is to ensure that this happens. Do not feel that the spell has failed if changes are not seen; they may be taking place at a much deeper level. Follow this with the witches ladder


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