Healing an Injury

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Pentagram(one that points up)
  • A blank doll. One with no characteristics at all.
  • 2 Candles(preferably white)
  • Something to symbol Earth
  • Something to symbol Air
  • Something to symbol Fire
  • Something to symbol Water
  • A picture or item belonging to the person you wish to heal.
  • Any kind of healing hurb with the magical atributes needed for this healing.

This spell will help heal yours or another persons injury.

Casting Instructions for 'Healing an Injury'

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First, set up you area.

Place the pentagram in the middle of the table. Then place the two candles behind it. After this, place the symbol for Earth in the northern direction, the symbol of Air in the Eastern direction, the symbol for Fire in the Southern direction and the symbol for water in the Western direction. Now once this is fineshed, place the doll in the very center of the pentagram and put the item of the person this spell is directed to on the doll. Now as you light the candle on the left, Call for the Great Goddess. Use the words that come to your heart to call for her. When lighting the candle on the right, call for the Great Lord. Use the words from your heart as well. Now this is when you put the healing hurb on the area in which you wish to be healed and say these words three times.

"Broken flesh and much pain, I call upon the Lord again. Heal this wound and heal it well, so that the may no longer dwell. I call upon the Lady again to help heal her children, her ken."

Once this is done, put the doll, along with the herb and the item still atached, away untill progress is shown in the persons health. Blow out the candles and say Blessed Be. And there you have it.


This article was contributed by Hokanafire

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