Tooth Healing Rinse

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Waning Gibbous Moon
Waning Gibbous
63% Full
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Glacial Water (or any fresh water that pure)
  • Glass bowl
  • 5-10 Howlite tumble stones
  • Glass bottle

For people that have dental issues

Casting Instructions for 'Tooth Healing Rinse'

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Start this spell on a full moon night and continue for 2 more days.

In the gaze of the full moon, pour the water into the glass bowl. Hold it aloft and ask the goddess of the moon to bless the water with healing properties.

Now add the howlite stones into the bowl. Howlite is a great stone that has calcium and healing qualities. As you add each stone in the bowl, say:

"Stone of white, stone of night, bless this water with healing light.
Stone of white, stone of light, bring tooth and bone strength and might"

Now hold your hands over the water and start to charge it yourself. Speak the following chant 9 times and your energize the water with healing energy:

"Lady moon help me on the full moon night
bless this water with healing might
Bones and teeth that are ill and weak
will becomes strong again, so I speak.
With the grace of my lady's gifts
May these waters heart do lift."

Leave the water in the bowl over night exposed to the full moon. In the morning transfer the water into the bottle and keep it in a safe dark place. Use the water as a daily drink and a mouthwash.

This spell is not a substitute for regular dental appointments or dental services. I and others have used this spell and it has produced results.


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