Stream And Soil Healing Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -river stream
  • -soil

this spell will aid you in easing your worries.

Casting Instructions for 'Stream And Soil Healing Spell'

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find a secluded stream in the woods in the late evening. sit right beside the stream. grab a handful of soil and then hold it out over the stream. think of the things that are worrying you and imagine them being directed in the soil. then chant the following:

"precious soil in my hand, i sit upon your sacred land. river stream bring peace to me as i set this soil free. may my thoughts be kind and clear, bringing peace so ever near. now i cast this soil to you, may it flow to where you choose"

close your eyes and slowly release the soil little by little into the stream. imagine the stream carrying your worries far away from you. after all of the soil has been released, put your hand into the water to make sure every bit of the soil has been washed off of your hand. afterwards, just take a minute or so to feel the water and be thankful. you can do this every other day as needed but do not do it daily because you want the stream to carry your worries far away between each time you do it.

blessed be )O(


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