Summon a Cat Familiar

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This spell will help you get a familiar spirit in the form of a cat that only you can see. You can choose every detail about this cat and have a deity bring him or her to life and send him or her to you. This only will work if you believe, or you won't get your cat.

Casting Instructions for 'Summon a Cat Familiar'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Two sheets of paper
  • Black Ink Pen
  • Pencil
  • Crayons or Colored Pencils
  • Imagination
  • Belief in this spell
With your pencil, draw your cat on one sheet of paper.
Color your cat with the crayons or colored pencils.

With your pen, write your cat's information on the other sheet of paper. Be sure to include the following.
-Cat Breed(If it is a crossbreed, include percentages of each breed!)
-Height(The top of the cat's ears are its height.)
-Tail Span
-Fur Color
-Eye Color

Put your cat picture on top of the paper with its information.
Fold them both hamburger style twice in this position, draw a pentagram, and fold once hot dog style once.

Hold this folded paper to your chest and say,

''O (name of your god/goddess), I call upon thee,
Bless me with this familiar cat bound to me.''

Now, for tonight and the next two nights, say the above, kiss the paper, put it under the pillow and rest.

After you have finished, you need to give your deity time to create your cat. The average wait time is about a week, but if your chosen cat is very intricate, you may be required to wait longer. Also, you'll be able to use telepathy with your cat the day after you finish as the spirit of your cat already exists, but your deity will need a little longer to make the cat's new body.

After three days, you must begin looking for your cat. This is the hardest part as your cat will be a kitten and just like a lost pet kitten, they are hard to find. Just look for the same cat you drew earlier but as a kitten and way more realistic. Use telepathy to call your cat to you. If you don't find your cat by the next week, it will eventually find you.

This familiar will already know how to protect you and other people. Your cat will never betray you, and even when you think you don't want him or her anymore, he or she will be very sad but still by your side. Remember, train your familiar well in the ways of your path, and he or she can benefit others. Only you can see it, so keep your cat a secret.

If you have any questions about this spell, or success stories with this spell, feel free to message me.

Added to on May 31, 2016
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I believe this spell worked for me, not 100% certain but 3 months after I got this my father rescued a kitten from a nearby shelter. We kept it and it matched my description perfectly. I've had him for 2 years now and his personality is very similar to how I described him when I did this spell. This could all be a coincidence but I like to believe that it's real :)

Jan 31, 2019
I completely believe you, but in the spell it said no one else could see the cat right?

Feb 10, 2019
I believe it is your cat and something changed the part of the spell that other people can't see it.

Feb 11, 2019
How did you find the courage to believe coz I want to try out but I don't know how to soooo believe this yet I really need it pliz help me ouy

May 06, 2019
Shalua, just do, and courage comes flooding through you.

May 27, 2019
oh that's really wholesome!! i hope you and your cat are doing good, tell him i say hi!!

Sep 21, 2019

Dec 29, 2019
Hemalia the cat that I ended up with was also visible to other people, so I think that something changed a bit when loser00 casted it and when I casted it.

Idk if it worked, but I know my bf found a cat that his dad almost hit which almost 100% matched my description, but he couldn’t find out fully bc it disappeared that night, and he hasn’t seen it since

While I doubt you made the animal, it's possible to put a call out to the universe for something like a pet. Familiars are kind of all over the place, historically it was believed witches could either transform into them or instruct them to do their evil bidding. Today many see them as pets you can work with in your craft. While I feel you can train an animal to aide in your magick, I feel it takes both the animals ability to sense energy [and be willing to participate] and the humans ability to observe the animal and know what it wants. So overall, I feel this spell can work as a way to set your intention but you didn't created the animal.

Mar 25, 2019
I have tried this and it worked I have a cat now whose breed is oriental.

Dec 28, 2019
Yes. Power of mind and believe... I guess

I really hope this works.

Feb 11, 2019
Just believe dear

does this work. Also, do you have to care for the cat. like feed clean etc?

I already have four cats, and foster cat with two kittens. Could I utilise my favourite cat for this purpose?

Feb 25, 2019
Do you mean to draw your cat or somehow make that cat your familiar?

Jun 06, 2019
theres actually a spell for that. i would send u the link but im not sure where i put it xD

Feb 17, 2020
@WiccaKatilyn you can mail it to kree8 privately

I also have another question. For the whole week do you say the following saying or just for three days?

Feb 17, 2020
just three days. I'm doing the spell right now actually and I'm on the 2nd night now

I would love to try but my house is too small for cats ;-;

Jun 02, 2019
I think that this is just like a spirit cat so basically you won't need space at all or food because he/she can't die ;-;

Jun 06, 2019
the day after my spell i felt a spirit cat and knew it was mine. but thats just the day after

Jul 23, 2019
My family members are allerigic ;-;

hopefully, this will work...

May 01, 2019
Believe and anything's possible, kid

didn't work

May 07, 2019
Did you believe, or just do, without any emotion or anything?

I did something similar to this without even knowing. I had a conversation with my sister where she suggested I get a cat to relieve my loneliness. I had not considered this before. For about 2 weeks, I mulled over the thought of having a cat, thinking about all those details mentioned above. (I had imagined I would go to a pet rescue of some sort). Choosing a male cat as I don't want a female and have to deal with having baby kittens accidentally. Deciding I wanted a cat that would be cuddly and affectionate, for him to rub his head all over mine. but I also wanted him to be playful and slightly feisty, play fighting with me. I wanted him to be a black cat with a white patch on his chest. then I later decided that no, I don't want it to be a patch, I wanted it to be a few strands of hair so he could still be considered a black cat. I wanted a kitten so they can grow fond of me easily but I also didn't want a young kitten as I don't know how to litter train a cat. Then on halloween night, as I lay my head on my pillow, I heard a cat meowing in the garden. I found this really odd as I have not seen any cats living in my neighbourhood before and a family of foxes live in my garden, (they have a den). I forced it out of my head and went to sleep. The next morning I was in the kitchen (ground floor) and a young adolescent, black cat jumped on the windowsill outside, looked straight at me and proceeded to meow. One of those insistent meows, like he was trying to tell me something. This felt strange to me but I pulled myself away and went back to my bedroom. Almost immediately I started hearing the meows again, like it was really close. I opened my curtains to find the same cat outside my bedroom window (which is 6 foot off the ground by the way) at this point I gave in. He obviously wanted to come inside and it weighed on my head that he must be scared because 1, it was the morning after halloween and some people might have been abusing him and 2, the foxes might attack him (he was tiny). I opened the garden door, he came in and he stoped screaming at me xD Took him to the vet, no microchip. Kept an eye on local lost pet sites, nothing matched. so... I guess I have a cat now? A young, litter trained, male, black cat with a few strands of white hair on his chest (not quite enough to call a patch) came into my life, curled up on my lap and gave me cat kisses. All, exactly as I had imagined.

May 25, 2019
Oh yeah and i remember specifically letting go my control and having faith in the universe that my perfect cat was out there somewhere and that i would find him, at the right time, i would come across him. i think this was actually an important part. It's like setting your intentions off into the universe and waiting patiently for a reply knowing it would come eventually

May 26, 2019
Woah that's so amazing!! I wish you and your cat luck! ^w^

Does this work if you have aphantasia (it's a disorder where you can't picture things in your head)

May 27, 2019
If you have issues visualizing, you can draw a picture, make a collage, or print off a picture you can use. As long as you can imagine it, it should work [write a story, play a song or whatever helps you focus on your desired outcome it will work]

Does 0:00/12:00a.m count as night?? I'm not willing to go to sleep earlier haha.

May 27, 2019
If you don't follow the belief of casting based on times you shouldn't have an issue. It's like the moon phase, it helps but won't stop a spell because it's the wrong phase. While spells are meant to be a recipe to bake a cake, you can tweak it a bit. No vanilla? Use a little almond instead. No eggs? Add a little extra milk. If you follow the steps exactly you'll get a vanilla cake, if you change a couple things you might get an almond cake, or maybe a cake that's a little burnt, but still a cake.

Guys I have news the spell is working.I didn't do it but when I read it I thought how awesome would be if I could make my deads cat spirit my familiar so I could have him back for ever.I also read that in magic when you think very much for something it happensAnd 2 weeks after a cat of my neighbour born a cat almost exactly same with my dead cat and when I saw it today I feel I knew it is him and we will take him when he grow up a little more.Im so happy at this moment so even if I didn't make the spell to see if is working now I know that it will!!!

Jun 06, 2019
I am happy you cats spirit has returned to you, but if you just thought about how wonderful this would be if it worked, you didn't actually cast this specific spell, you were manifesting. It's similar to spells, you were visualizing and reflecting and sending the thoughts to the universe that you wanted this to happen and it did. [not to discourage or discredit, I'm just saying you cast something else, not this spell specifically]

the day after i did this i heard my cat say ''boo'' in my head and i knew it was her. felt her spiritual presence all day too

As Nekoshema has pointed out, this spell may draw a cat to you, but it will not create an animal out of thin air. In addition, it will not be a familiar. Familiars are spirits, not animals.

how do you know that the cat is trying to reach out to you telepathically? like does it just a rough assumption or can you clearly hear them?

Jun 15, 2019
[ignoring the spell and the explanation of familiars] when you want a bond with your pet similar to a familiar, you won't ''hear'' them so to speak, but you will understand them better. the link between human and animal can be nurtured and become somewhat like a familiar bond, sometimes people have an instant connection with the animal, but either way, you need to nurture the relationship. feed your best the best/healthiest food you can afford for its species, observe its mannerisms [if you want to meditate but it wants to play, don't force your familiar to meditate] you might also wish to cast a circle and see how the animal reacts to the energy around you. taking time to strengthen the bond between the two of you can give you that sense of knowing each other, to the point where you should sense when the other needs help [my cat is not my familiar, but i can sense when he's upset, and he knows when i need a cuddle buddy, though he prefers to observe from a distance, if you're mindful and try to see things from the cats view you can get a relationship similar to a familiar]

does it work if someone does it work if someone else draws it for you?

Aug 18, 2019
it should, but it might take longer for it to be drawn to you, and the cat will have a very strong connection with the person who drew it. but, a cat will come

Do you have to draw your cat for it to work? Can your cat be a picture?

What happens when I tell someone?

Feb 17, 2020
they can't see it so they will probably think you are crazy

Will i be able to pet my familiar? Also can other cats see my familiar?

Will it work if you trace a picture?

First spell that has worked for me, and it worked really fast... My parents, who were strongly against getting a cat, came home just 1 day after I cast the spell with a kitten who looked almost exactly how I described him. When I made eye contact with him, I just knew that he was the same cat I drew the night before. I had a really strong level of belief, so I'm not sure if that had to do with how quickly he came or if it was the deity I asked.

Oct 09, 2019
What deity did u ask>

Do markers work instead of pens

Oct 07, 2019
The writing tool does not matter,it is the colour.

Do markers work instead of pens

Didn't work for me, but I'm not very experienced in magic yet so maybe I need more experience.

Do I have to feed it? You regular cat food?

Yea you have to feed it it's still a cat

I'm confused. I want a familiar, but the comments are saying I won't get one. How do you get a familiar then?

Oct 05, 2019
Personally I have found familiars to rarely be animals and are instead spirits that can assist us with our workings. This spell, may, summon a spirit in the form of a cat to assist in workings, but it won't materialise a physical cat out of nowhere. There are other ways to find familiars too such as journeying you could look into.

Oct 07, 2019
Thank you! Also, are familiars common to find? If they are spirits, then how do I see them? Are they always visible to everyone?

Can a ''cat'' be like a tiger cub?

Nov 06, 2019
I highly doubt it.

what god/goddess do i use to summon my familiar. (i am new so i don't know)

is there a way to make the cat that i already have my familiar becuase i already love her very much

Oct 31, 2019
treat her like one. you can say a blessing or design a ritual stating she is your familiar, otherwise, be observant of her, meditate when she's on your lap, feed her a healthy diet, know when she wants to play and hen she wants to sleep, and see if she can sense energy. [you could make a psi ball and see how she reacts to the energy]

I don't think you can summon your familiar to show specifically in cat form. Your familiar will choose what form it takes.

I remember when I did this and I kept seeing the same cat out of the corner of my eye hope little dude is ok

To be honest, I already have a familiar. She’s a tortoise shell cat named ‘Turtle’ (I wasn’t very creative back then okay) and she’s a fiery ball of energy who always supports me with cuddles and food requests.

Usually I don’t believe in spells and rituals that supposedly get you a specific familiar, but I tried this last year and as I was recycling the folded paper after I had finished the ritual, my friend called me. She asked if I wanted an adult female cat (what I had specifie) because a relative of hers had just died and he had several cats who needed homes. I met the cat and she was a Russian Blue (another thing that I had specified) and her personality was very similar to what I had said, which was a little bossy and regal. I adopted her and she turned out to be a wonderful companion. I’m allergic to most cats but she never made me sneeze, she only scratched the dog once, and she was very affectionate. I found out that she had never been taken care of very well and it took me a long time to get her back in shape. Unfortunately, she was pretty old and probably had cancer (I checked but they didn’t find anything, yet she continued to get sicker and sicker). She died last spring in late April, right before Beltane began. I missed her so much but surprisingly, my dog missed her even more than I did. He has been lonely and out of sorts since she died, so we’re getting another kitten of the same breed (so I don’t sneeze) in a week. I don’t know if it was the spell that helped me find my cat or just fate, but having her was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to get our kitten.

Dec 29, 2019
And now I’ve been looking through the other comments and so many people have described similar things, so I think that this one really does work. As long as you put your faith in it, at least.

If the spell backfires, could it hurt the cat familiar?

At first, I was suspicious of this, but given the number of people who've claimed that this works, I'll try it out too.

oh wait. my mom's allergic. how does this work

Feb 24, 2020
This supposedly attracts a real cat to you. If your moms allergic, you shouldn't cast this. This will be a physical cat, which will result in her allergies being bothered, and you would need to get rid of the cat [the only compromise I can think of is having it be an outdoor cat] Regarding familiars, historically it was believed to be an animal the witch controlled to do their evil bidding, but the reality is, it's just an animal the witch has a spiritual connection with and the animal can sense magickal energy. You can train any animal to be a familiar [it doesn't have to be a cat] if you have a pet, you can try working with them. Be observant of the animal's behaviour [especially when you cast circle] and spend time with it. Meditate with the animal nearby [say you have a dog, let it sit in your lap or beside you, if you have a hampster, meditate by its cadge] observe when the animal wants attention or when it wishes to be alone. Treat it like a familiar and you will create that bond naturally.

thanks sophiewoods!

What if you're not that great at drawing felines

Could you make your own cat your familiar? I already have a cat (and he’s a black one too) and I don’t think my mom will let us get another cat if this turns out to be a real cat.

does this work on cats you already have

I have a few questions. Will it be a physical cat that everyone can see? Does it stay forever or can it disappear for time to time?

tried this 3 times! has not worked! any suggestions?

I did this, it did not work...

This is probably a stupid question, but I tried this spell last night and the next morning(today) I woke up and 4 of my kittens had vanished. We had two cats give birth at the same time. One of them had two kittens, the other had 4. The 4 were all from the second cat. I just want to know if this spell could be the cause?

Jun 13, 2020
I found the kittens!

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