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Name: Kree8
Location: Australia
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I have always been curious about magik - especially magik which heals and helps. I am currently a nurse, but I feel my current job doesn?t allow me to have a positive impact on people?s lives; so I am doing my post-grad now and hoping to start my master?s next year (finances willing). Despite my desire to help people, I don?t really like humans. I prefer the company of domestic cats. I have a bond with other animals, but to a lesser extent. I seem to be affected by death. Even passing by ?roadkill?, I get a weird, disturbing feeling of sorrow, pain and grief. I have started smudging, and I?m learning a little about crystals. I?m joining this website to try and find other like-minded and decent people who can help me find my spiritual gifts and amplify them. People who won?t betray me, or bully me, or say hurtful things about me or anyone else. I?m tired of the ugliness of people?s hearts. I want to find others who?s desire is to amplify and empower other people. I also want to grow herbs and other plants to use for health. My green thumbs is, I?m afraid, not green. Here?s hoping to find others like this. Love and light :-)