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Name: AnimalEmpath
Birthday: Oct 16
Location: Near a haunted lake
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 26 Mar 2020
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A bit of my history

I've grown up in a christian household, but my grandmother claimed that we were descended from the druids. My grandmother is the reason I started practicing.I was taught how to read with a spellbook! I have had too many toxic friends, but each time they left I learned more about myself

Things to know about me

I am an old soul, and I've accepted it now. I have had hundreds of past lives, each life before this one dying of something interfering. I hope this one is different.

I am a believer in the Three Fold Law and the Wiccan Rede. I haverespect for your beliefs and I except the same for mine.

I am a minor. My schedule isn't at all flexible, also, PLEASE no flirting, this isn't the purpose of this site. Any mail with any of that content I will not respond to and delete.

I will not cast spells for people. You may ask me on spells and I will point you in the direction I see best.

My beliefs and practices

I am a believer in the wiccan rede and the 3 fold law. My beliefs come from wicca and buddhism. In thisworld we unfortunately have to lable everything, so I identify as wiccan.

I am currently studying greek gods and goddesses, and communicating with the recently deceased.

Outside of magick

I am an LBGTQ+ rights activist, as well as a climate change and animal rights activist. I am currently stuck in a school of sad energy surrounding 12-14 year olds.

My life on this site

I began practicing magick just over 4 years ago, and I came to this site for spells. This is my first account on this site and I have come a fair bit of a way in 3 months. I was the priestess of Eclipse.

My hobbies

I play roblox! I am a huge fan of the game and nothing you say will change my opinion. I have also played a lot of minecraft.

I enjoy chai lattes, good books, poetry (writing and reading) going outside and studying.