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Name: AnimalEmpath
Birthday: Oct 16
Location: The open prairie
Gender: Female
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I am an old soul, and I`ve become okay with being more mature than a lot of people my age. My grandmother told me I was an old soul when I was 8, wondering what the crazy lady meant at the time, I began researching what it meant. Boy was my then 10 year old self shocked to find out my Nana wasn`t so crazy after all. I researched ghosts, alternate dimensions, magick, wicca, past lives, ect. And I accepted at 11 years old to commit to wicca. That was2 years ago and since, magick has changed my life. Though my christian parents were concerned, I managed to convince them I wouldn`t light candles when I`m home alone. I love practing white magick though I`m known to jinx people unconsciously when they`ve wronged me. I love working with ghosts and people. I hope your path in magick has gone aswell as mine. Blessed be