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Name: JKatSong
Location: Here and there
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Be careful of your practice. A ritual in the astral left me with some memories. They keep me awake some nights. A poem I wrote once after a few too many short horror videos: My sister's dolls lied strewn about, Her face pale in the darkened halls. She stood there and began to pout, Saying "there's monsters in the walls". "There's no such thing", I almost laughed, "Really, how childish could you be?" Seeing her so taken aback, I said, "come lay in bed with me". She didn't move, she simply said "I need a light for me to rest Because the monster in your bed Will catch me though I try my best." My blood ran cold to hear her speak Of someone laying next to me. I turned my head to take a peak; Only the wall was there to see. I looked again out to the door To tell my sister nothing's there, But saw only darkness once more, Then heard a creak upon the stair. I ventured out around the dolls; Their eyes glowed red as shadows grew Across the pictures on the walls, And then I saw, my sister knew. I wandered up the wooden stairs Into her room around the bend. Her dolls and toys were laying there, Untouched reminders of her end; The pale white sheets upon the bed Now deeply stained in crimson tones, And there I saw my sister's head, Her rotting flesh revealing bones. I blinked; 'twas there, then she was gone, Her thin white sheets now crisp and clean. The curtains rustled, wind was strong. I pulled them back to view the scene. I saw my sister standing out Above the dirt beneath the tree. "Who is the monster?" I cried out; My sister pointed back at me.