To Summon a Familiar

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A familiar is a witche's/wizard's pet. You have to do a ritual for it. Most wizards and witches have, cats, owls, rodents and many other creatures. You can you Use any animal. A familiar is an animal whom will help with casting spells, rituals and protect you as you rest.

Casting Instructions for 'To Summon a Familiar'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Animal
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Animal

Stand/sit/kneel in front of your animal of choice. (Or hold it.) Chant 1x:

"You, will become my familiar, you are a strong,brave and smart (Type of animal, Cat, dog, bird ) Your name will be, (Name, not it's actual name. Make a stage name, for the magical world, don't call it by it's magical name when humans can overhear.) Once called, (Animal's Real name) now (Animal's Magical name) in Magic(k) world. I summon you as my familiar."

Side Effects that may or may not happen:

  • Animal May seem More friendly.
  • You may feel closer to the animal.
  • A strong bond forms.
  • You may hear the animal's voice in your head.


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I've had my girl 'Mag Ignis' (Or Mag/May for short) for about 6 or 7 years before I was able to do this. I'm so happy to be able to connect on a different level with her.

Awesome! Been looking for this spell for forever. (=

it works

This worked very well, thanks.

I have two cats and I am on holiday right now so I won’t be able to do this spell until I get back. But can’t wait to try it on them!

Apr 17, 2022
Hey I'm on Easter break and doing this with my pup

Can't wait to try this tomorrow

I don't know what the magickal name should be. Think magickbelle?

Feb 11, 2021
I would chose something that suits them. Instead of what you would call your your instincts.

As soon as I said the chant my dog sat with me, before she wanted to run off now she doesn't! This spell is amazing!

I did this with my bird and when I say her magick name she looks me in the eyes

Dec 31, 2021
i dont know what the magick name should be how do i come up with one??????????

I haven't been on this website in a while, but tonight I was thinking about a cat I had that passed away a couple of years ago. I had a very close connection with her and she with me. After her death, I continued to see her spirit here and there (it has been a while since I have seen her). I never got the chance to officially make her my familiar and I was wondering if there is a way to do that now.

Oct 11, 2019
i feel like she was, you seem to have a close bond, and her spirit lingered by you for some time. i'm sorry to hear of her passing, you could preform a ritual in which you name her as your ''departed familiar'' but i would reflect on the animals spirit. it might of crossed over and been reborn as someone you might meet later in life [could be another cat, a future child, even a plant] so you could ask to meet it again on your path, otherwise i would thank it for being there for you, wish its spirit a safe journey, and ask to help find another being with a similar soul connection as you had with your cat.

Dec 29, 2019
I heard my cat meow for several months after she died, so I guess the same thing kinda happened to me. I think that if you can still see her spirit regularly, you could try something to make her spirit stay with you. I don’t know about making her your familiar though.

Dec 31, 2020
Some witches use spirits as their familiars, so perhaps you can do so now. Leave an offering to her spirit and perhaps ask her to take on the mantle of your familiar. However, read up on the proper care of spiritual familiars before doing so

I feel connected to Owls

this spell works! I did it with my newborn black kitten and I soon after felt a closer bond to her.

so, if i make my bird my familiar, and i let it fly around outside and stuff, will it come back? sorry im new to this and i think my parrot would be a good fit for this.

Apr 26, 2020
They might come back, just make sure you feel your connection with her, and at least most of the side affects come true. Personally, I wouldn’t try it just in case it’s a placebo

does this effect the animals apperance in any way? I live with my parents and I don't want my cat to change apperance.

May 11, 2020
You cat is not a familiar. It is a cat. A familiar is a spiritual creature, not a physical one.

Mar 03, 2021
NordicOpal, It's common for people to not believe in this, but when you have a lot of others saying this works, and Nekoshema not saying it's fake, there's a sign that it really works, I tried it and it worked. Jdjdjjc, From what I know of your cat shouldn't change its appearance.

Mar 03, 2021
@EclipseAfton, I think you misunderstand NordicOpal and my comments. Familiars aren't your pet. Familiars, historically, are spirits people claim disguised themselves as animals. People today feel familiars are animals who can sense magick and assist in your path, and if you believe this, fine, but it's not a familiar by definition. By definition, it's a spirit in animal form. That's all. If you wish to treat your pet like a familiar, feel a bond with your pet, or it can sense energy and you share rituals together, fine, neither of us is stopping you. Again, this spell will not turn your pet into a familiar in the historical definition, but you can still work with them as if they are. That was our point.

Do you think this would work with a snake?

May 30, 2020
Historically, people claimed familiars were gifts from the devil to help the witch do her evil bidding [or she could transform into them] This is a myth and not true. Today, familiars are seen as animals you have a spiritual bond with [and it helps if they can sense magick energy so they can assist you in ritual] It doesn't have to be a cat, it can be any animal. I would research the animal so you know what their needs are and treat them with the utmost care and respect. Feed them the finest food, keep them healthy, and observe their personality so you aren't bothering them when they want space, or trying to meditate when they wish to play. It's just easier with cats and dogs because we understand their behaviour easier.

Oct 22, 2020
I finally found a spell that Nekoshema says is true! Finally!!

Oct 22, 2020
Well, if you are interested in a spell and need help, feel free to mail me.

yep, it works.

do you have any more I have no pets

Dec 31, 2020
A familiar is not a pet. It is not a physical being. Please read the forum post of Fetches and Familiars.

So I haven't tried yet but I really hope this will work

This is really funny.. I did it 2 times and both times something weird happend. The first time I was letting my cat for a while and she would just sit there, then I spoke the first word and the wind started blowing really hard... coincidence? Maybe. She started puring loud and I think she even winked at me. I did it a second time because I wasn't shure if it worked, she started purring again and this time my hearing even increased.

Can a demon be a familiar just wondering

Feb 23, 2021
Yes, it can.

Feb 23, 2021
A familiar is a spirit who helps the witch in her practice, this would include demons and other spiritual beings. Historically, it was believed it was gifted to her by the devil [which isn't true] Today, people think it's a pet. Familiars aren't pets, but they can be if you share a spiritual bond. [and if you think your pet is your familiar, that's fine, you might indeed have this spiritual connection, I'm just passing on knowledge]

Jul 30, 2021
I have a demon

Oct 31, 2021

I Have a cat before i was even born, But the cat hates me so no way she's gonna be my familiar ;-;

can guinea pigs become a familiar?

Mar 13, 2021

I just tried this with my dog I called him Amerus, idk if it works yet tho

I'm just wondering but If you have a mechanical or robotic companion could that be a familiar?

Does works on cats?

Aug 09, 2021
Yes. Cats, along with owls, rodents and a few other creatures are the most common familiars of witches and wizards.

Aug 09, 2021
As myself and others have stated here and elsewhere, familiars are animals you share a bond with. Your familiar can be your cat, dog, rat, snake, fish, turtle, parrot, hermit crab... pet rock maybe... Point is, it's an animal you share a bond with.

can i more than one familiar?

Sep 17, 2021
Technically yes, but it's a spiritual bond, so I wouldn't recommend it. Have you ever lost a pet? Now imagine having a deep spiritual connection to them on top of the regular love of a pet.

how long does take

Sep 17, 2021
Spells take time to manifest and can take shorter or longer depending on a number of factors. I typically give the average spell a moon cycle [28 days to a month] to show signs that it is working before trying something else. This spell seems like the type that would work within a month. Expect to see more stray cats, flyers for adoption, or friends/family talking about getting a cat. Those would be signs of it working.

can we have 2 familiars? or can we only have one?

Sep 24, 2021
You can have multiple familiars, but it's a deep spiritual bond, it's best to only have 1. I've been told by people who had familiars they can sense when their familiar is in danger and vice versa. Those I've spoken with whose familiars have died have told me they could feel the passing. As a child, I had a similar bond with my dog. I felt drawn to him the moment I saw him, and when he died, I was at school. I remember having this sudden shock to my system and I started crying because I knew something happened to him. That's the type of bond you will have with your familiar. I wouldn't recommend having more than one for your own sanity.

Did this too my male cocktail bird he looks straight into my eyes when saying his magical name

When I asked my bearded dragon to be my familiar he turned great so I think that was a no but I thought it was yes when I did it and I don't think it worked But now every time I talk to him or say his pet name razor he looks at me sideways and when I said his name that I gave him the new name you just stared at me and lifted his head up like he sang yes

Nov 11, 2022
He turned gray Is usually a beautiful bright Orange

Can the animal's magic name be its real name, or does it have to be something different? My cat's real name is Friday, and I really like that name for her, so I was just wondering if I had to come up with a different one for her if I were to make her my familiar.

Nov 28, 2022
Magickal names are meant to be unique. It's the name that holds power; if possessed by another, you can be controlled. That's why many witches go by ''Silver Ravenwolf'' or ''Starhawk'' they're a special name with special power. You can choose to give your cat a full name like ''Friday Pawwalker'' and just go with Friday for short. Not giving out a full name [magickal or your full name] means other spiritual beings can't use your name against you [like if your full name was ''Jane Mary Doe'' but you didn't tell people your middle name, then they can't control you, because they don't know your full name] Ultimately, it's up to you. I've dabbled with magickal names, but none really resonated, and all of my witchy friends know me by my legal name, so I've never bothered. [personally, it's why online I go by Nekoshema and don't include photos of myself or my real name. Witches can and have used this information to cast over others, so it's better to be safe than sorry]

Nov 29, 2022
Oh, thank you, that was very helpful!!

I'm going to try this with my cat, she's always been very interested when I do spell work or anything witchy. She hangs around and watches what I do. I can't wait to see what happens.

Introduction quote ''A familiar is a witche's/wizard's pet.'' No, it is not. A familiar is a spirit/demon who aids a witch and was believed to take animal form. Familiars are like servitors. They are another spirit in your spiritual team. Modern witchcraft has equated a familiar to your pet, but that his historically untrue. There is nothing wrong with calling your pet a familiar, but it does not make them one. The familiar and the witch need a spiritual connection. Study your pet. Especially observe it when you are working with Magik. How they react to the Magikal energy can help to determine if your pet could be a potential familiar. While creating this bond you will need to observe your pets behaviour. You might want to meditate, but your dog familiar wants to play, or your bird familiar is being chatty. Forcing the animal to comply to your will does not improve this bond. You should listen to their needs.

As for the spell itself, it needs work. I like the premise of kneeling before your pet and saying a chant, but you should flesh it out into a ritual. Cleanse yourself and your space. Cast a circle to create sacred space. Sit with your pet while meditating on them and the bond you share. When you are ready, say the chant, but I would build it up. If your pet wears a collar, you can enchant that. If they do not, you can enchant a toy, cage or an object inside. Give this item as a gift to your familiar. Include in the chat how you plan to care for the animal as your familiar. You are saying a bonding. You are tethering your lives together. You are agreeing to care for this pet with all of your life. Because you will share their discomfort. When your familiar is sick, you will feel that sickness. When your familiar is hurt, you will feel that pain. When your familiar is happy, you will feel their joy. And when they pass away, a piece of you will die with them. This is why I urge you to think carefully before agreeing to this bond.

So to understand this fully, I CAN use one of my cats for this spell, ur the cat itself is not the familiar, the familiar in a sense takes over the cats body?

Jun 24, 2024
A familiar spirit does not take over you cats body, but it can take the physical form of an animal to work with you during the pets lifetime then remain with you in spirit. Your cats could sense energy and aid you in Magik, but that does not mean they are your familiar. There is a deeper bond with a familiar than a pet.

can a dead pet be a familier

Jul 09, 2023
Familiars are spiritual beings, not pets. Historically, it was believed they were demonic creatures that took the form of black animals [cat, dog, crow, raven, even a toad or owl] to spy on people and report back to the witch. In modern times, people claim familiars are just pets, which they aren't. The animal would have an affinity to magick [they can sense it] and a special bond with the witch [you can both tell when the other is upset] You would create this spiritual bond with your familiar, and when they die, you will feel it. If the pet has already passed and the spirit is still around, you could theoretically bind yourself to the spirit and force it to be your familiar.

Any bad side affects?

Sadly Pet cat Annabel die 2022 Annabel was 16 years old then Sydnee die 2023 missing my little Angels wish could bring back

Can I make an imaginary creature into a familiar?

Jun 24, 2024
A familiar is a spirit who choose to work with you. What you are describing is a thoughtform, servitor, or tulpa. A thoughtform is a psi ball you have shaped into a being. Once you stop giving it energy, it will go away. A servitor is similar, but you give it a purpose and usually have a sigil to activate it. The servitor does the task and vanishes once done. A tulpa is the most spiritually taxing method. You are creating a sentient being which can choose for themselves how to react.

I decided to try on my cat, he was sleepin as soon as I said the last word little man woke up so I think it worked

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