Call/Declare Familiar

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To call a familiar to you, or to declare an animal as your familiar.

Casting Instructions for 'Call/Declare Familiar'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A gift from the animal.
  • The animal itself.
  • Cast at noon.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A gift from the animal.
  • The animal itself.
  • Cast at noon.
Hold/Visualize the animal.

''The angels/gods grant thee
Power to work with me
To help me in my craft
And keep me safe from evil.''

Burn the gift.


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I'm not allowed to light fires- how else can I do this? Also, my familiar hasnt broutht me any gifts yet... T-T

Oct 10, 2019
this does and doesn't work. so you can use this chant to bless your pet and claim it as your familiar if that's what you believe it is, but the person who wrote this is confusing fiction and reality. familiars are animals you share a bond with and they are able to understand/sense magick. while some might bring you gifts [cats bring mice, birds bring shiny things] it isn't the defining factor in a familiar. also, you can train an animal to have a bond like a familiar, you need to be observant and wise too, but many people choose to treat animals like familiars and not actually have that instant spark connection some claim to have with their familiar

Nov 04, 2020
Nekoshema's right. Contrary to popular opinion, you can declare your pet as a familiar, as long as you have a bond with it. Also, you have to make sure your pet feels comfortable in magickal rituals. Also, I personally wouldn't burn the gifts. I think it'd sort of be like burning the relationship itself.

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