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Name: Rhododendron
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Rhododendron or Rho.

Feel free to message me. If you want a reading, read my bio first.

I'm a solitary witch and an animist. I practice bone reading, pendulum reading, and several other forms of divination (message me if you want to talk about divining; I love to chat about it). I acknowledge many types of spirits in my practice, including Fair Folk and spirits of the dead. I'm an amateur wildcrafter who makes potions and forgets to use them. I practice folk magick for the most part. Despite having been practicing for what feels like long enough to have found a path that I know works for me, I am currently and consistently in a spiritual crisis.

Outside of my practice, I am a writer and a reader. I'm a vulture culture enthusiast who collects bones and insects. I have many succulents, all of which I adore. I like bad movies and good books. I enjoy creepy or unusual podcasts (feel free to recommend some). I could talk about cats for hours if someone let me. I drink a ridiculous amount of tea. I'm forgetful and easily distracted, so if you message me and I don't get back to you within a few days, just shoot me another one. If I don't respond to that one either, I probably don't want to for some reason, so don't keep sending after that.

If you want a reading:

Please put "reading" in the subject of the message. The more detail you put about the situation, the more accurate the reading will be, as I'll be able to interpret things according to the situation. It may take several days for me to give you the results of the reading, as I'm a college student with a lot going on. I love divination and doing readings for people lets me practice, so feel free to ask for one, I just want people to be aware that it might take a little while. Also, readings can be inaccurate. It's more likely for them to be inaccurate when it's a person I don't know. I do everything I can to make the readings as accurate as possible, but don't make any major decisions based only on a reading a stranger did for you. If you want to make sure the reading is accurate, see if you can get someone else to read for you or do a confirmation reading yourself. If the subject of a reading makes me uncomfortable or if I simply won't have time for a while to do it, I might turn it down.