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Name: Rhododendron
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Rhododendron or Rho. Pantheistic. Death witch and green witch. Solitary and eclectic. Feel free to message me. I give free pendulum readings (details in the "before you message me" section).

My practices:

  • The basics: visualizing, focusing energy, etc.
  • Meditation
  • Green witchcraft: herbalism, wildcrafting, woods witchcraft, succulents and cacti
  • Death witchcraft: honoring death and the dead, respecting deceased animals, cycles, working with bones, occasional communication with spirits
  • Spellwork: spell writing, spell casting, baneful magick (such as curses and hexes), candle magick, sympathetic magick, crystals, sigils, jar spells, potions
  • Divination: osteomancy (divining with bones), pendulum reading
  • Past life regression
  • Shadow work
  • Psychic ability: empathy (especially for spirits I've communicated with), clairsentience, occasional ability to sense things about the future
  • Making magickal tools: wands, staffs, divination sets

My main studies:

  • Pantheism
  • Druidry
  • Astrology
  • Hedge witchcraft
  • Divination: scrying, runes, Ogham staves, Tarot
  • Deities: Celtic, Greco-Roman, Chthonic, death, nature

Some non-witchy things about me:

  • I like some "geeky" things; I've watched a fair amount of anime, and I enjoy the works of Tolkien quite a lot.
  • I spend a lot of my time writing stories. I read a lot, as well. If you ever want to drop me a message about creative writing or literature, feel free.
  • I collect succulents and cacti, all of which have been named.
  • I collect animal bones.
  • I make props and other pieces for costumes and cosplay.
  • I am a supporter of LGBTQA+ equality, feminism, religious freedom, and equal rights in general.

Before you message me:

  • I prefer a witchcraft-related subject, at least to begin with.
  • I tend to ignore mail without a subject.
  • I'm often busy and I have some mental health issues that sometimes make me not want to socialize, so I sometimes reply late.
  • If I don't get back to you within a week, I probably forgot to respond. Feel free to message again if that happens. If I still don't respond, please don't continue to send messages.
  • As a general rule, I don't help with love spells. They go against my personal moral code.
  • I have varying degrees of knowledge in my practices and main studies, so some things will be easier for me to answer questions about than others.
  • I am totally fine with giving someone a free pendulum reading, as it helps me practice. If you want one, feel free to send me a message with details of the question you want answered. Make sure it's a yes/no question, and put a subject or I'll probably ignore it. Also, a disclaimer: pendulum readings can absolutely be inaccurate, so I wouldn't recommend basing huge life choices on readings, and don't get mad at me if it's not 100% correct.