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Name: Rhododendron
Location: Following deer trails
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Rhododendron or Rho. You can also call me Azarye (though this may change; I'm currently in the process of finding a name that I feel fits me better than my birth one).

Feel free to message me. I'm fine with people messaging me just to chat (as long as you at least have somewhat of a subject in mind), and I'm also fine with people messaging me for help or for information about my practices (I don't teach or spoonfeed, though; I'll give tips and provide resources, but I'm not going to be a mentor).

Folkloric witch. Animist. Solitary. Blood witch. Practicer of bone reading, pendulum reading, astragalomancy, belomancy, and other divination methods. Spirit believer. Amateur wildcrafter and potion-brewer. Practicer of folk magick.

Aspiring novelist. Avid reader. College student. Vulture culture enthusiast. Succulent collector. Tea addict. Lover of weird podcasts. Cat owner. Mentally ill (not that my illness defines me, but it definitely affects me).

I'm not doing readings right now, but I can help you learn how to preform divination yourself if you wish.