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Name: Cleric777
Gender: Female
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Hello my lovelies, it's a pleasure to have you here with me. It seems you are interested in who I am so I shall satiate your desire for knowledge.

Outside of this site, I am on my third year of Uni studying Animation. I am based in UK, (gmt). I have an obsession with plants, herbs, vegetables, fruit. This also goes into my desire for being self sufficient and making everything myself. I have a keen interest in Psychology. I have a black cat called Damion

Star sign:
Sun: Cancer
Moon: Pisces

Tarot birth cards:
The Sun, Wheel of fortune, Magician

Chinese zodiac:

My introduction into magic was a fairly slow process. Looking back on it, I showed signs of interest since childhood but I never knew what I was looking for. Growing up around people who are programmed by society into blind obedience, I began down that path.

I have had multiple experiences where I now believe I saw into the future. At the time, I believed I had caused the things to happen. I have not mastered it yet but I am slowly beginning to understand this gift. These first hand experiences led me to seek the truth and learn as much as I can.

Feel free to message me to discuss your experiences on such phenomena, I will go brew us some tea :)

That aside, my interests lie in:
-Energy work
-Astral projection

If there is anything you want to know, send me a message, if I can help or point you in the right direction, I will gladly do so.