Make A Working Magick Wand

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This spell will find and make your very own Magick wand.

Casting Instructions for 'Make A Working Magick Wand'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • You
  • Your hand
  • Your voice
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • You
  • Your hand
  • Your voice
To make a wand, first go out side. Go to a tree and ask it,
''Magick, magick, may I use your wood for magick. ''. After you said that to the tree, put your hand on it. If it is cold, dont use the wood or you will regret it. If it is warm, the tree says yes, you can use my wood. Then find a suitible branch and take it of. After that, sit down with your hands on the wood. Feel your energy going into the wood. Surprise! You have a wand!!!
Warning!!!: if you throw your wand on the ground cause your angry or something, your spells will backfire. I threw my wand at the ground when I was really angry, then a week past by then I did a hurt spell. Guess what? A few days later I broke my leg!! Wonder how that happened!


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Last edited on Jul 01, 2019
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Imma try this

Mar 02, 2019
Did it work?

Mar 19, 2019
Did it?

May 16, 2019
did it

Jan 28, 2020
dose it actually work , can you cast actuall spell's with it?

are you aloud to decorate (carve.e.t) your wand

Jun 03, 2019
A wand is simply a tool for focussing and directing energy, it can be a plain twig, or an intricately craved and decorated magickal tool how your wand looks entirely depends on your own practice and taste.

thanks. now at least my mum won't through it away thinking its a useless twig

I did it I'm still wondering if it will work hopefully it will

I have only cast one spell so far, I can feel my energy any time I want and a couple of months ago I have been able to put it in difrint parts of my body. But my only question is why does it come from below my heart, I feel it's intense flames a lot, if any one has an answer please let me know.

Feb 25, 2020
you're probably connected to fire if your magic feels like that. Mine feels flowey, so I count myself as a water elemental.

May 09, 2020
I feel fluttery when I use magick. Often when I'm outside casting a spell, something ranging from a breeze to a strong wind will come by during the spell. Occasionally when I release a spell indoors AC will go off as soon as I release the spell (this most often happens when I make a Psi ball and release it to practice energy flow).

Jul 30, 2021
Sounds like u have a strong fire element user

I'm kinda new to all of this, but my friend started dabbling here and there a few months ago. She says that no spell is going to work if I don't ''sign off'' to at least one god/goddess. Is that actually true?

Dec 23, 2019
You don't have to involve deity in your craft at all! There are traditions that would require deity or spirits to be involved, but there are also witches who don't honor or even believe in deities. If that doesn't work for you there's nothing wrong with not working with a god/dess.

Jan 28, 2020
what do you mean sign off

Feb 18, 2020
In this case''sign off'' means become someone who works,worships,or praises a certain thing or person.


Feb 24, 2020

I just went out, and it is very rainy. But I asked give trees, they were all cold. Then I went to the great sycamore in our yard, a tree with nearly 6 feet of width, and it's bark was warm despite the icy sleet. I walked to one kg the low hanging branches, and saw one thick stick near a foot long just in my reach. I expected it to be a struggle to pull down, but it fell right into my hands. It most definitely worked.

How do I know if it worked?

How do I know if it worked?

Feb 29, 2020
U will feel a ticklish sensation of energy, most likely.

What if one has a wooden wand thats been man made would it be useful or should one just use it for decoration and use a wand asked from the tree instead?

Aug 01, 2020
Wands can be made from anything. The material would have special properties giving the wand unique energies. It doesn't have to be oak or maple, it could be made of metal, crystals, plastic, or whatever. So long as you feel connected to it, it works.

I have a wand that was from a movie called fantastic beasts and where to find them I love the design and I’m fascinated with it would I be able to use that as my wand as I’m not good at carving wood and diy stuff doesn’t go well with me

Aug 09, 2020
If you feel a connection to it, you can. Cleanse it, bless it, and use it as a spiritual tool and it'll work fine.

just pick up a stick and wave it in a wise direction to bless

What do you do after it declines?

Aug 30, 2020
idk, ask another tree?

Aug 30, 2020
Thank it and move on. Taking from something that has declined will taint the energy of the object if you choose to take it anyway.

Help I didn’t know if it was warm it felt like lukewarm can I use it?

a staff works better for directing your magic

a staff works better for directing your magic

What to do with the wand? Like which types of spells can I use it in and how??

I think I have an idea of how it happened. Did you jump off anything or do anything dangerous? 🧐

@Declan no, it's used for ceremony/rituals and spell casting while you are doing a spell, it do not work like HarryPotter lol

Jul 30, 2021
What happened

Yes and no. Skipping through the woods going ''Magic weee'' does not do anything. Approach a tree, introduce yourself and ask if you can use a branch. Connect with the trees energy. Meditate by the tree, if you place your hand on the tree, you should feel the energy pulsing. Warm or cold could be the energy, but more likely its dependent on the weather and the sun on the tree. If you get a yes, thank the tree and leave an offering. The branch should be the length of your arm, from your elbow to the tip of your middle finger, because you will shape and design your wand and it will be worked down. When you have your wand, bless and dedicate it (see different spell). Purchasing a wand is also fine, but treat it the same way you connected with the tree. Sense the Magik and choose the one you are drawn to, not the first one or the prettiest one. It is annoying to say, but you will know when you see it.

I did a spell outside without my wand I had used all my energy but radiated it through my body and out my hands and it start raining then lightning struck the tree I was next to and it lit on fire so I used my wand to stop the spell and it started raining harder I got scared and lost control and the lightning started striking the ground in random spot what element and I

Oct 02, 2022
Am I*

Oct 02, 2022
What a strange dream. You are every element. You may find yourself with an affinity to one or another, or more than one. But you possess qualities of all of the elements symbolically represented in magical traditions.

Oct 02, 2022
Like prsona said, we're all the elements and through our craft, we learn to balance these energies. Since you didn't state if this was a dream or not, I would caution you against roleplaying because it's against site rules. [also, you claimed in the first line to not have a wand, then contradicted yourself in the third line by claiming you had a wand] If this was a dream, I'd say it's a fear of losing control or being unable to control your magick. Fire and lightning are symbols of uncontrollable anger and sudden changes in one's life and a tree is usually a spiritual awakening. So, this could be a situation in which you lost your temper, but it seems more likely you're growing in the craft and you're afraid you'll do harm. I'd meditate and journal about your fears to try and come to terms with them.

throwing the wand to the ground in anger has nothing to do with ''backfire'' that was three fold law, what thee send forth comes back to thee times three, do/cast good you get good back times three, you do/cast bad you get bad back times three, its Karma universal rule

Apr 07, 2023
The rule of 3 is a concept associated with the Wiccan religion and does not apply to those that do not follow the religion.

/huh/. unique. maybe i’ll try this sometime.

It's a pretty chill spell. I can feel a really strong energy in the wand now, and it get the wind blowing pretty good.

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