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How To Use Your Wand

Forums ► Magic Items ► How To Use Your Wand
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How To Use Your Wand
Post # 1
I am new here however, I searched and researched the web for sources on just how to use a wand with a step by step description so I can study what to do exactly and to practice with. I found very few phrases for describing clearly step by step on just how to use a wand. Most descriptions were vague and fuzzy.
Before I made my 1st and only wand, I researched many sources from the internet and bought books and downloaded information so I could create notes on how to start making my own wand step by step but also more importantly, how to use a wand. For example, I studied Franz Bardon "The Magic Wand," another "The Magic Wand" by Joseph H. Peterson Copyright 2005, "Grimoire For The Apprentice Wizard," by Oberon Zell,"The Power Of The Wand, From Energy To Reality, The Art And Practice Of Matter Manipulation" by Reynald O. Bell, some info from Aleister Crowley, some info from magicwandsofwizardry.com, a small inexpensive e-book "Wand Class In The Castle" by Catherine Avizinis and various other info I picked up surfing the net from wiccan websites and websites that offer wands for sale. So, here is a condensation of some of my notes on how to use a wand that you will not see anywhere around this website nor for that matter in any other website;
1) A Wand can be wood, metal, gemstone, chinese chopstick, ink-pen, toothpick, whatever dude. It's all in the "will" and "imagination" that empowers the wand. For example; has anyone ever called you obstinate, stubborn or, pig-headed? That is strength of will. Maybe this will of yours was not forthright or, was wasted on doing something stupid but WILL it is. This powerful formiddable will can be focused/concentrated then directed. Exactly what a wand is good for. It is a tool. In a way, the wand is a training tool to focus your mind and direct its energy into manifesting your will, your desire, your wish, your spell, your encantation. Have you ever day-dreamed or, ever had a vivid "Lucid Dream" at night where for sure you thought you actually were elsewhere doing whatever? That is the focus/concentration you need before you send off the spell or encantation out onto the Universe for the "Divine" to hear and grant your appeal.

2)You need to name your wand that only you will know then, make up a short phrase and motion that the wand knows when to turn on, focus then, thrust your spell out onto the universe with all due speed. You are commanding your wand like Jon Luc Piccard from the old school "Star Trek, The Next Generation" "Make It So!" For Example;
2a Name of your wand, Excalibur,
2b. Tap your wand twice, lightly but firmly with a sense of purpose; like an Orchestra Conductor does with his baton(not to damage or dent the wood), this turns on the engine of your wand,
2c Then state firmly "Perform my Will! (say silently to yourself if people around). Focus or concentrate with a good strong emotion (discussed below), this revs up the engine in your wand,
2d State your spell or encantation. This informs and prepares your wand to act upon your spell.
2e Let the Wand know to thrust out your spell by a phrase such as; "Presto Meus Votum!" Latin (not Puerto Rican Latin nor Cuban) translation; Perform my wish/will. There are two good Latin translators English/Latin, Latin/English online that you can Google and make up your own phrase or, use this phrase, whatever.
3) Speak to your wand because it is a baby, a kid, that wants to know what you want it to be or do. It is something of an invisible being inside the wand. Ever heard of "Pet Rocks" from the 1970's? They were just plain all around river rocks. But people bought them because they were in a small wooden crate with some straw I think. Anyway, They were special, unique, conversation starters. Consider your Wand like this. You might think this inane to do such a time-waster but, somehow your wand will appreciate the time you dignify it. Also, just lay it on your lap while you do something else, like reading, watching TV. Sleep with it every now and then so it can know your dreams and hopes. You want your wand to know your energy level, your specific vibrations, your individual being, your bio-rhythm. What you think this is silly? Yes, you can chuckle at this, in fact, your wand will want you to have a sense of humor too. Hey, your wand desires no, it enjoys you wielding it and performing a spell or encantation. It is fun and games to your wand. It wants you to play with it. Ever seen cubs, kittens, puppies, play-fight? They do this for a reason you know. They are preparing for real life. Some wand people do not want you to disrespect the wand by playing with it. I say they are archaic old school anal retentive. "F them!"
Remember, use it or lose it. The wand wants you to have fun with it.
4) Practice using your wand with this exercise;
Sit in a comfortable chair or, sofa or, stand outside barefoot on the good earth or stand inside, change it up. With your wand in your dominant hand (change this up too, use your other hand as well), close your eyes and slowly wave your wand in a sideways figure eight pattern. But as you do this, and this is the important part, visualize either a white light trail or electric blue colored trail (my favorite) with sparkling stars in the wake of the wands motion. Almost like a fireworks sparkler leaves a trail of sparks in its wake as you wave it around. Except you want little stars trailing behind. Did you get it? You must get this. Study what I just stated. To repeat in a different way; Close your eyes then, as you slowly wave your wand in a figure eight pattern (just like the number eight), in math, some call this pattern the infinity symbol, imagine a light "T R A I L" of sparkles or little stars leaving your wand as you perform this basic sideways figure eight pattern.
Clearly imagine this with your mind's eye, just like you day-dream.
4a Next or, soon after this exercise, look at the point of your wand (I have a clear crystal point on my wand)then, close your eyes then, imagine the point of your wand brightly glowing with a white light. Clearly imagine this. This lets your wand know it is a noticeable being. You are actually forming your wand into its own existence. "Bua-ha-ha! It's Alive! It's Alive!" from "Frankenstien" by Mary Shelley.
4b Then, doing your sideways figure eight pattern again, close your eyes, but this time, imagine your wand crackling with electrical energy. Surging with power! You might even imagine that you "H E A R" your wand crackling with electrical energy.
Imagine your focused "WILL" feeding your wand with powerful emotional electrical energy! You can do this, why? Because your body has electrical energy already. Ever heard of an electro-encyphalo-gram? EEG? Google this and you'll know what I mean! What kind of emotional electrical energy? How do you feel when you hear our "National Anthem?" Home of the brave, anyone? I don't know about you but, my heart swells with patriotic pride everytime I hear this wonderful song. I served in the active military and also the Reserves afterwards. How do you feel when someone gives you a compliment like; "You've done a great job! Keep it up!" How did you feel when you walked across the stage at your High School Graduation? How did you feel on your first kiss? Or, for that matter, anytime you kiss or hold hands? There are many good emotions and you can think of many more.
4c Focus on this emotion and try to emphasize it, maximize this, make this as intense as you possibly can until it almost drains you. This is what empowers your wand. This is what will electrify your wand, this is what will give steroids to your wand.
4d W A R N I N G; Do not use negative emotions on your wand. Literally your wand will cross over to the dark side. Something you may not be able to control or, will backfire on you. You cannot trust this energy. It is a back-stabber. It will drain you. Karma will get back at you for this idiocy.

5) When I received my special order hazel wand stick (it was blank). The shape of my wand is in a J form ( this was my specification because this is a more ergonomic form. Also I hold my wand sideways, like a gangsta holds a .45 handgun sideways. For some reason, this feels better to me. And no, I am not into the gangsta life-style. I listen exclusively to classic rock and some 1970's Disco) but without the horizontal T on top of the letter shape. The hooked curved part is my handle. I am also a leathercrafter and I made a leather shaped handle for that part because underneath it on the handle wood itself I removed the bark and copied (reduced a copy and "scotch-taped a cut-out piece of carbon paper on the back for tracing directly on the wood) a Rosey-Cross symbol with the Tetragrammaton (the 4 Jewish initial letters for the name of God, Yud-He-Vauv-He, where the word "Jehovah" came from but, only a select few know the real name of God and "Jehovah" is not it. God's name is too personal, Divine or Holy to be said nonchalantly, to be said during emotional disarray or, to be publicized. Ever heard of women state "Oh God!" during an orgasm? Or, when people get scared, surprised or angry for any little reason they state "Oh my God!" You get the picture).
Also, on the leather handle I made, on one side is a Unicorn head with sparkles at the tip of its horn and on the other side, a head of an eagle just staring and guarding me.
The wand was peeled except for the handle, this still had the bark on it. Anyways, I immediately soaked the wand in camomille tea as soon as I received my wand peeled and without adding any decorations on it yet. Supposedly the Camomille tea gives it some good vibes and, I think this was an Aleister Crowley suggestion. After a day of soaking in the tea then the wand was allowed to dry off for another day then;
6) I drilled a 9/16 in. wide hole, 14 in. deep with a 16 in. long drill bit I bought from Home Depot then, I went to Home Depot again and bought me an inexpensive 12in. piece of pure copper tubing (generally used for A/C use) do not purchase the caps for both ends. Instead, use clay or even mud as end stoppers. Anyways I stuffed the inside of the copper tubing with amber powder as suggested by Franz Bardon and he termed this a "condenser" as this would enhance my focused will and thereby improve the "thrusting" part of the spell. You may have already heard of a condenser but not this specific name. Ever heard of a "phoenix feather" or "unicorn hair" or, "eye of knute" (just kidding on this last one) stuffed inside of a wand? Diagon alley's wand shop "Ollivander's" in the Harry Potter first movie had them in their wands. You can make your own condenser core, just as good. I just showed you how. And this is real. This is no mythical beast. Also, there is a palm plant called "Dragon's blood" pulverize it or, get it in powder form and stuff it in your wand. This will work too. Or, google magical herbs, get little bags of the most powerful ones you read about, but be careful with mugwort, it is poisonous. Anyways, I did this too. I mixed my own special blend magical herbs with a base of Dragon's blood and stuffed it in my wand before and after I put in my stuffed copper tube of amber powder.
7) After you practice performing the sideways figure eight pattern, change it up, do a vertical circle, Deosil and Widdershins. One author I read suggested I do "Katas" or various warrior movements with your wand. Pretend, just like puppies and kittens but you know why they do this, right?
I almost forgot. The reason you practice with your wand in imagining your wand with a light trail of star sparkles in a sideways figure eight pattern at first, is to energize your wand. This "programs" your wand in a way that the wand realizes it does have formiddable energy. You are encouraging your wand. You are also playing with it in a way that cubs do. Play with a kid and you'll know what I mean. Every little bit helps your wand out.
Do you remember at the very beginning of the first Harry Potter movie on the first lesson of using a wand?
Swish and flick! The swish part is the gathering of your energy, your focused will, giving your wand a chance to warm up.
The flick part is the conclusion, the finial, the start of your endeavor to achieve your declaration (your spell or encantation).
Always use a terminal flick no matter how you wave your wand around willy nilly, in a specific organized pattern, whatever.
You see, the flick, commands your spell to start.
And when you flick your wand, declare your statement with a command of emotional energy! Like a Warrior shout. Presto meus votum! Or, whatever you choose your commanding phrase to be. Make it so! Perform my will! Energize! Bring it on!

Anyways, if you read this. Please let me know. If this helps, please let me know. If you followed my instructions, please let me know. All this writing took me a long time to come up with all theses words in a readable format and naming sources I had to find. It was tiresome. My brain almost hurts. I think I just got a headache. Dang!
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Re: How To Use Your Wand
Post # 2
LoneStar you are awesome! I have 2 wands; the first one I made, its wood and has a quartz crystal on the top. The second is Pewter with a nice sized Hematite sphere on the top, its covered with pentacles and a snake at the bottom. This one I bought from WillowRoot Wands (These wands are made with intent and are handmade they are simply beautiful. Anyway, I'm going to try all of your instructions. I have searched the internet for this information but came up with nothing. Thank you. I'll post what happens. Bright Blessings Vladielya Prinntess.
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Re: How To Use Your Wand
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
A wand is simply a tool to help. I have never had a wand. Even casting a circle I only use the index finger of my right hand. But, if you need a wand, or even if you like to have a wand, all power to you! Any "tool" that will help in the Craft is okay.
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Re: How To Use Your Wand
Post # 4
Hello, Brysing;
Thank you for your comment however, at the very beginning I stated; 1) A Wand can be wood, metal, gemstone, chinese chopstick, ink-pen, toothpick, whatever dude. It's all in the "will" and "imagination" that empowers the wand.
I also stated that it is just a tool.
However, beyond this, there are many people fascinated with the wand, how they are made, how to choose one, what is a core inside the wand, how can I make one and
M O S T I M P O T A N T L Y, HOW TO USE A WAND! There is no specific information on how to use one out in the internet and books are vague on this. I have performed many hours of research and taken voluminous notes on HOW TO USE A WAND so, your belittling cynicism is not a righteous one, dude. You are harsh and are not giving credit where credit is due. Have you ever written something like I have, anywhere else on this website or, anywhere on the internet? Or for that matter, found information as clear cut as mine is about HOW TO USE YOUR WAND? I think not! Blessed be!
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Re: How To Use Your Wand
Post # 5
Uh-oh! Terrible mis-spelling of importantly. It's supposed to have stated M O S T I M P O R T A N T A N T L Y,
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Re: How To Use Your Wand
Post # 6

While i do give credit for this very helpful and elaborate post, you should use a tool in anyway you feel most comfortable and see fit.

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Re: How To Use Your Wand
Post # 7
Something else Brysing
The dominant hand index finger is used as an alternative when and wherever magical tools would be impractical to use.
Also, the index finger can be used symbolicly as an Athame (as indicated by Donald Michael Kraig in his book "Modern Magick, Eleven Lessons In The High Magickal Arts)and also, as a Magick Wand. However, the index finger is more identified being utilized as an Athame.
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Re: How To Use Your Wand
Post # 8
Fantastic contribution! Thankyou so much, Lonestar! :)
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Re: How To Use Your Wand
Post # 9
I think one index finger is utilized as an Athame and the index finger together with the middle finger can be utilized as a Magickal Wand in a pinch. So are you using just the index finger or the two fingers together?
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Re: How To Use Your Wand
Post # 10
Hello, Taliesin;
Thank you for the kudos. A wand is a tool. As most learned in the Wiccan Magickal Arts and other disciplines know already. It is what you do with it that matters. A mechanic knows how to use a wrench many different ways. One who is not mechanically inclined can bungle through using a wrench and even make mistakes using it, like stripping a nut, breaking the head of a nut or, pinching oneself (this has happened to me. Believe me this hurts just as bad as pounding your finger with a hammer, which I have done as well). The Wand is used as a tool by focusing, directing and propelling one's spell out to wherever one directs it to grant their appeal. It doesn't have to be directed exactly at the target. Like I stated on this blog, one can wave their wand willy-nilly (which means any old way one sees fit and comfortable to use). However, when one waves their wand, one NEEDS to transfer one's desire for the wand to process and project the goal. The desire is the fuel for the Wand. That is the reason for the Switch and flick. Switch - gather one's energy, Flick- propel one's desire out onto the Universe of Abundant Supply.
One needs to at least have an emotional desire to give the wand enough energy to send out their appeal. However, there is no specific way to do this. As long as you Switch-gather your energy and Flick-propel your wish. That is essentially what I have learned from hours and hours of research, downloading info, buying several books on the subject but were vague, visiting wiccan websites with too little info and, visiting wands for sale websites and analyzing the styles of wands available. Anyway, I appreciate your comment. Blessed Be a paradise for you on this good Earth! (As opposed to a paradise in heaven. WTF! Why can't we have a paradise now while we can appreciate this as physical, healthy enough beings?
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