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Name: bird
Birthday: Nov 14
Location: A world full of hate towards me
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 16 Nov 2018
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hi every one my name is Samantha, my nickname is Mantha, I'm not saying what my Witch name is, and I believe in White Witchcraft in Wicca ! I am a Wiccan and I'm proud to be one ! Wiccan for life ! Witch for life ! Wanna kik ? Samantha.Witch Wanna facebook ? You go to the movie theater and you watch the 3 seconds of the movie you yell out "BORING" I sit there cracking up laughing. I honestly hate telling my age and the year I was born in R.I.P Amanda Todd I will support you forever, no matter what I rather date a guy in person I don't tell anyone my age My magick is so powerful ! And I'm a Solitary Witch I'm a Celtic Wiccan ! I was told I could be a powerful Elder, but didn?t learn anything about Elders and Councils, I?m not in a Council so far, but because of my powers and how fast I develop them, I believe in the Old Ways, I don?t date online so don?t ask me out Blessed be )O(