Sirens' Seduction

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This is a spell you can use on a particular person or a group of people. Remember that spells are as powerful as their intent and you may get more than you bargained for, so be careful.

Casting Instructions for 'Sirens' Seduction'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A voice (should be whispered in a sing-song tone)
  • A clean mirror
  • Candles (one Red, one Green, one Yellow)
  • Incense, Herb, or Oil (Sandalwood)
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A voice (should be whispered in a sing-song tone)
  • A clean mirror
  • Candles (one Red, one Green, one Yellow)
  • Incense, Herb, or Oil (Sandalwood)
Light the candles and/or incense close by. Stand/kneel in front of the mirror (I find kneeling flat is better), and recite the following incantation.

While reciting, use the oil (if you have it) to anoint the mirror in a four-point fashion.

After this, if you're burning incense or herb, waft the smoke at the mirror gently, still reciting.

Also, while you recite, look lovingly and lustfully into the mirror, imaging the person/persons on the opposite side, watching you recite the spell.

Recite this:
''Darling won’t you come and play
With my heart, and won’t you stay?
I’m your love, and don’t you see
How happy that us two could be?
For near and far I attract them all
Short and fast, or lean and tall
Man and woman of every race
Of every leaning, every face
Overcome with willful desire
Only I can quench their fire
Now with the sirens’ chiming song
Bring my admirers, never gone''

It is also helpful to have a crooning, playful voice while reciting. The energy you put into it is what you will receive from the spells' outcome, so it is also okay to focus red (sexual, desire) energy into the spell.


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Has anyone tested this? I'm curious to hear if it works

Jul 26, 2020
From personal learning, I advise you to be EXTREMELY careful! When the person wants you, he/she won't want to leave you, no matter what happens! It can be very dangerous! Know the risks!

I haven't I'm gonna though will let you know

I have tested this, and now he will not leave me alone. It is more than I bargained for. At first he flirted with me, than became mad when I didn't angry out with him. I will construct a reverse love spell and cast it, and just cast a crush spell.

Oct 08, 2019
bro i would love it if my ex girl friend never leaves me alone i cant get enough of her

Oct 15, 2019
How long did it take to work

The chant is plural. And it's like we are chanting it for more than one person. If we have a specific person on mind then how is the chant gonna be?

What does it mean by ''a four-point fashion''? sorry I'm a new witch

How powerful is this spell? is there a way to undo it, just in case?

Apr 05, 2020
It's very powerful and I'm looking to see how I could break it

Will it still work without the incense and candles. Incense gives me a horrible headache

Jan 12, 2020
it appears the candle sets the mood, and the incense either cleanses the mirror or is a way to get you into a meditative state [it also says you can use incense, herb or oil] so if you can focus your energy and visualize your intention, you should be fine.

It worked for me. Very powerful spell.

Jul 08, 2020
how long did it take for it to work?

The guy I used this on became very obsessed. Its been 2 years since we broke up. He still drops by my old house to see if I am there. He has no idea I moved. Be very careful my friends.

May 15, 2020
How many days did it take for the spell to work?

I am new to this.... if I do not have candles and such available will this still work??? Also do I need to repeat this a few times or just once??

Jan 25, 2020
I did this without candles and i just recited it as it said to, and a boy started flirting with me at school.

I keep smelling the incense when I'm out the house,keep in mind it was three days after I did it the spell.

If I’m trying this for a specific person should I not use the plural? How do I know if it worked on the person I’m aiming for?

how long until it starts to work

How do I use it on one guy and is there a way to use it on an ex?

PLEASE tell me how to reverse it. It's gotten bad, like really bad

Apr 05, 2020
1. careful with caps [overuse is against site rules, just wanted to give you a heads up] Anyway, this is why you should think before you cast. While casting with a lot of emotion behind it can bring more power, emotions cloud your judgement and you have a higher chance of not thinking things through. [use this as a learning opportunity for the future. Be careful what you wish for] As for your issue, cleanse yourself and your home of the energy you built up, then cast either a reversal spell [any spell should work] or place a photo of the person in a mirror box with some sage or other cleansing herb to have the energy reflect back at them and contain the energy while cleansing it [look up the spells, or mail me if you're struggling to find one]

I just did this, and although I don’t know the outcome yet, I will say the candle flames were having a dancing party this full moon as and after it was done

May 10, 2020
Did you ever see the outcome for this spell?

May 19, 2020
Have you seen any results?

Just did the spell but added a few things. Did you have to memorize the chant?

May 10, 2020
You should read it over a few times before casting so you know what you're reading and can focus better [first time you read something, you may stumble over words, which would cause you to lose focus] repeat the chant as many times as you see fit [you should get into a semi-trance state while chanting]

I tested it tonight. Not sure how long it’ll take into effect. The guy I have the intent on is in shell when it comes to dating and is terrified of heartbreak. Hopefully this will work

May 17, 2020
Any results yet with the spell?

May 27, 2020
I think it worked. The man I had in mind for the past few days has been texting me more then ever before, he’s been initiating and replying back immediately to my text messages.

Do you do this once only? or repeated?

May 21, 2020
You should chant it as many times as you feel drawn to. Normally, when you chant something, you should go into a sort of trance state where you get lost in the chanting.

It worked for me but i attracted the totally wrong person so be aware :)

I may have come up with a counter spell but I'm not sure if it works or if I'm allowed to post a counter spell in the comments but could someone come back and tell me how it works White candle, sage Take it turn it of for now take this siren seduction and turn it of from here to now when I say the words sirens song  and the words are surely clear you shall turn on again  but if and when I say   biryn you shall turn it off again. I'm sorta terrible at rimming so argo terrible at writing spells

Jun 04, 2020
The candle is for choosing the kind of relationship you wish for with the person you cast the original spell on and the sage is for cleansing also please be brutal I could use some constructive criticism on this spell

Can you use an image of someone to aim this at a specific person? I feel as though that would work as well.

what does four point mean i’ve just started out in this community and i don’t understand

Should you let the candles burn down... or turn them off yourself. Thanks

i am asian so does it work if i try it?

I just finished this spell and my stomach hurts, will it have any effect?

Aug 24, 2020
Too early to tell, but the pain in your stomach is a sign your energy is off. You either have too much or you took form your body's energy. Ground your energy, meditate with some clear quartz, eat some fruit/sweets, or drink some mint tea and/or relax in a salt bath. With the exceptions of cleansings and banishing, no spell is instant. Give it time to build, but be confident it worked. I usually give spells one moon cycle to show some results before moving on. [Whoever you cast over should start to notice you more, try talking to you, you might catch them looking at you more if this spell works]

Aug 25, 2020
Hi! Thanks for reply my comment and um.. After I got my energy back, should I try this spell again?

Aug 25, 2020
I'd hold off for a month before trying again. I'm sure you cast it correctly, simply you pulled from the wrong source or didn't ground completely. It doesn't mean the spell was cast wrong, just the energy in your body isn't balanced.

Aug 26, 2020
thanks for answering my all my questions and sorry if i ask too much, but while I chanting the spell my calves are shaking very hard, can you pls tell me what that means ?

Aug 26, 2020
It still sounds like you're not doing energy work correctly. I suggest you do some basic charging/grounding exercises to get a better feel for the flow of energy before casting another spell so you don't accidentally use your own energy. Look up tree grounding meditation. Basically, stand tall, visualize/feel roots from your feet going into the ground [best done barefoot outside the first couple times, but you can do it inside] then visualize/feel negative energy travelling from the top of your head down through your body, out through the roots, and returning to nature. Then, visualize/feel breaches growing from the top of your head and bringing positive energy into your body. [You should feel a warm energy entering your body] there are other things to try, but that's the first most go with as it's the easiest method. Try it out a few times and see how it goes.

I have done this spell without the ingredients..... I just chanted with my rose quartz stone and crystals ... outside during the day and evening.... it does work but becareful .. in my case I attracted many BUT the one I desire the most!!!!

To anyone reading this, know that Love Magick is never easy. Based on the comments below, this spell is extremely powerful and can be dangerous. Based on what I've read, the spell creates a powerful, lustful obsession on the victim and it is nearly impossible to break. It'll practically give you a stalker, possibly for life!

just curious could someone just say the chant with out the insense? would that be possible?

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