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Name: WitcherHalo
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Ive been here for a while this is a new
Account. Please understand, I have been doing
Magic for a very long time, I will only answer
Questions of they are about important matters.
I follow no rules and currently working on a
Religion.(Note:Gods and Goddesses are Energys,
Not a form of a physical being) I dont waste My
Time on silly and out right stupid questions
I will share information that is important and
Something that can be researched. If you are
To ask me questions be sure to have reaserched
It before coming to me. I do not give out CERTAIN
Information for free,nor will I share it with
People online.
If you are new to the craft, do lots of
Research. Never do spells that cause physical pain
Or require you to use blood (blood magic is sacred
And very dangerous) spells such as these can
Backfire really bad.
Do not ever put someone in a situation that you
Would never like to be in unless they have done
Harm to you that causes sever trauma or trauma
In genral.
Karma comes back,always does. No matter how
Long it takes.-unknown