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Merry meet everyone!
First off, I’m not trying to use this site as a dating site so please don’t hit on me.
I will say I grew up in an extremely Christian household (read the Bible everyday, never missed church unless sick, Halloween was banned) but always felt intrigued by Wiccans, witchcraft, and magic. Growing up witchcraft was fascinating and intriguing, mainly because it was taboo.
As a teen I started to develop clairvoyant tendencies. I would have dreams that would either be a metaphor of what was to come or dreams that would play out of events that would happen in a few days. I’ll be honest it sucks sometimes especially if you have a dream where the guy your dating is two timing you in your dream then it plays out in real life the next day is not fun.
Anyway I’m here to learn, gain more knowledge, make a friend or two or even a few.