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Name: VioletMoore3
Location: I am located within the New York timezone
Last Seen: Fri, 27 Nov 2020
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I go by Violet and I am 14 years old. I live in America and I pray when I want to. I love to write, dance, sing, and light things on fire in a controlled manner. I am interested in pyromancy, hydromancy, oneiromancy, astral and mental projections, and lucid dreaming. I am not currently reading anything, and I go to school during the day.

  • I practice Hinduism because my mother tells me to. I don't pray anymore in this vein.
  • Cinnamon, Vanilla, Rose, Lavendar, and Salt. My five favorite Herbs.
  • I don't tell my mom about my religious deviance because she does not believe in magick but also is against it.
  • My dad literally does not care.
  • I enjoy soothing baths, and meditations.
  • Please mail me on SoM. I love emails.
  • I would love to do a spell for you if you need it. I have lavendar, rose, vanilla, and all the spices used in Indian cooking plus some.
  • Nobody knows that I'm only partially Hindu.
  • I'm interested in Christianity.


"I am who I am."

Quote of the week:

The secondquote of the month is a well known quote that means that there is nothing more to me than me. I am not a female Norman Bates or a young Michael Myers. I'm just a human being. I'm just Violet. I'm just me.

Holiday Special: Thanksgiving

I just want to mention how grateful I am to the people that have supported me throughout my life. I wish you a happy Thanksgiving; may your year be full of reasons to be be grateful and the ability to feel that gratitude.

Topic of the Week:

Beauty and Attraction

Topic of the month:


  • Candles are of the fire element.
  • Candles are used in meditations.
  • Candles are used in pyromancy.
  • Candles are used in multiple religions.
  • Candles are used in nonmagickal contexts.

Magick matters to me because it is a method for me to learn more about myself and explore my mind. I enjoy peace and tranquility. It brings me calm and peace. Magick is a solace.

Thses are truths that I have found many people disagree with:

  • You cannot change into another being in the physical world because it contradicts science.
  • You can't actually read someone's mind like in the movies.
  • Dark magick, light magick, black magick, white magick, negative magick, and positive magick are distinct.
  • Death is irreversible but healing isn't always impossible.
  • Mental health is not something that can be cured with a few words.
  • Not everything in the Bible/Torah/Quran/Gita is true.
  • Chronokinesis doesn't mean time travel.
  • Your belief doesn't have to encroach on mine. We can be distinct but not nemeses.
  • Fluff (fake spells) exists on the site but it doesn't work.
  • You matter to somebody. Someone cares. If you don't think anybody does then message me. I'll prove you wrong.