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Name: VioletMoore3
Birthday: Sep 1 2006
Location: I am located within the New York timezone
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In the middle of a nervous breakdown :)

Iam always open to learning more. Iam also in need of aid for love spells and healing spells.

Just another lovesick, depressed, teenaged female :( If you need to vent I'm here. If you want to hear a vent I'll pour!

I go by Violet or Charlieand I am 16years old. Birthday is not 9/1 but September 1st is when I celebrate it.Born Hindu. Open to all religions. I live in America and have a complicated relationship with faith. I love to write, dance, sing, and light things on fire in a controlled manner (/s). I am interested in pyromancy, hydromancy, oneiromancy, astral and mental projections, and lucid dreaming. I am not currently reading anything, and I go to school during the day. I have no gems. My mom threw out my candles so I now have nothing for pyromancy :(

  • Cinnamon, Vanilla, Rose, Lavendar, and Salt. My five favorite Herbs.
  • I don't tell my mom about my religious deviance because she does not believe in magick but also is against it.
  • My dad literally does not care.
  • I have a strained relationship with both parents. That's how I got my superpowers of mental health issues! /s
  • I enjoy soothing baths, and meditations.
  • I love SoMmails


"Happiness is overrated."

Quote of the week:

Who needs happiness when I have depression?


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  • Parental relationships are still relationships
  • You're not always ready for relationships
  • It's not always what it seems like
  • They aren't always who they seem to be
  • Parents aren't the be all and end all
  • Breaking ties (emotionally at least) can be necessary but can also be harmful


Magick matters to me because it is a method for me to learn more about myself and explore my mind. I enjoy peace and tranquility. It brings me calm and peace. Magick is a solace.


Theseare truths that I have found many people disagree with:

  • You cannot change into another being in the physical world because it contradicts science.
  • You can't actually read someone's mind like in the movies.
  • Dark magick, light magick, black magick, white magick, negative magick, and positive magick are distinct. At the same time it isn't necessarily what you think it is.
  • Death is irreversible but healing isn't always impossible.
  • Just because bad things have happened doesn't mean they can't be changed. It also doesn't mean they can be.
  • Mental health is not something that can be cured with a few words.
  • Not everything in the Bible/Torah/Quran/Gita is true.
  • Chronokinesis doesn't mean time travel.
  • Your belief doesn't have to encroach on mine. We can be distinct but not nemeses.
  • Fluff (fake spells) exists on the site but it doesn't work.
  • You matter to somebody. Someone cares. If you don't think anybody does then message me. I'll prove you wrong.