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Name: Horsenettle
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New account for Rhododendron. Note: I haven't been on here for a few months because of mental health, so if I didn't respond to a message feel free to send another.

Welcome to my profile! Call me Nettle. I'm a traditional folkloric witch, a solitary practicer, an animist, and a diviner (mainly bone reading and pendulum reading). I'm open to questions provided they're respectful, but have no patience for people being unwilling to put the work into learning nor for people who refuse to acknowledge the facts of limitations to magick.

Outside of my practice, I'm a college student, a reader and a writer, a cat lover, a plant collector, and a vulture culture enthusiast.

I love chatting with people, so you're always welcome to reach out, but please do not flirt with me, especially if you're underage. It makes me uncomfortable, I'm in a relationship, and this is not an appropriate website to be flirting on. I also ask that you put a subject line so I can help vet out spam.

Thanks for reading!