Charge a Wand

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A spell to charge a normal stick or wand you have made or bought with magic power so that you can start to use it to cast spells.

Casting Instructions for 'Charge a Wand'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 Rod, stick, or wand made of wood or metal.
  • 1 Daylight.
  • 1 Time period of 24 hours.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 Rod, stick, or wand made of wood or metal.
  • 1 Daylight.
  • 1 Time period of 24 hours.

Take your soon-to-be-wand outside during anytime of day while there is daylight. Hold it up to the sky and say in a strong voice:



"Oh this wand I power thee, make it stronger as can be".



Now you have a Magick-charged wand that you can use to cast spells and point energy. Note: I have used this spell before and it worked.


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How do you tell if this works?

Oct 02, 2019
it should feel different. if you can sense energy, you can feel the difference.

Can you do this in moonlight too?

Sep 08, 2020
No, the instructions specifically say daylight hours. It's unwise to charge a wand at nightfall, it can go wrong a lot easier, because of the moon position, planet positions, stars and nocturnal demons and dark magic.

Apr 23, 2023
Does that mean I can use it for my Black Magick too?

Apr 25, 2023
Magick is intention, not colour. If you wish to do baneful work with this wand, focus on negative energy when you charge the spell.

I do hope it works on my wand. But could it work if I have too of them?

Do I leave it outside for 24 hours I'm not understanding the 24 hour point if you take it outside in the sun and hold it and say the saying

Apr 11, 2021
I think it means it will work for 24 hours. Not that the wand will turn into a stick again but It will charge the wand with some type of energy for better effects.

Can purchase a wand and still cast spells

Aug 01, 2022
I think so..?

Dec 20, 2022
I purchased a wand at Bellingen markets on Saturday, and charged it at the beach at Urunga.

Apr 13, 2023
Adding to Relu's reply, I got bombed by sand at the beach at Urunga because of the wind.

Apr 13, 2023
You can buy your magickal items and they'll work fine. I personally don't have a wand, I use my athame or my finger to direct energy. You technically don't need any items to cast spells [obviously, if you're casting a lemon spell, you'll need a lemon] If you want to charge energy and direct it on a goal, you don't need a 1,000$ wand with a rare crystal to do it. You can buy stuff from a dollar store and it'll work. Your ancient witch used what they had in their home and natural environment. I knew someone who used a toothbrush as a wand, and another who used a toy wand. Whatever you choose to use, just make sure to cleanse and consecrate it. That's what makes it a tool. You can buy a toy ouija board from Hasbro and it'll remain as a toy until you view it as a tool. Do you want a pendulum? You can use a necklace or string, hang something from it [could be a ring if the necklace doesn't already have a pendant or charm attached to it] and you can use it for divination. How about a spell for energy and money? Coffee with almond milk. Is this a spell? If you charge the brew with magickal energy and drink it slowly while imagining how you want your day to go, yes. If you're making a cup as you run out the door and don't take the time to enjoy it, no. This is what we mean when we say magick is intention. Slow down, be present, and focus on the spell. If anyone tells you that you NEED to make a wand, do a certain thing or own a certain item, they're pushing a false narrative. Magick has limitations because of how it works on various planes of existence, and there are closed practices you may not be welcome to study, but that's about it regarding rules. [and if something doesn't resonate with you, research the topic]

Would it work with let's say theoretically through the hands if had power of energy in possession in such a way

This requires an edit, but blessing a wand can be this simple. You can create or purchase a wand, then cleanse it, charge it and say something as simple as ''you're my wand'' and it would work. I suggest you put a little more thought into the blessing since it is you Magikal tool. Also, please do not expect it to start shooting energy blasts at people like in the movies, that is not how real wands work.

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