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This is a great wand-making ritual that came from willow root wands and is just great!

Some people use many wands for different purposes, but not me! I use a single wand for all purposes (it is oak). Now you will make your own - go on a walk in a natural place like the woods and find a stick that calls out to you. If you cant, ask a tree if you can take a branch to do this. Ask it in your mind and if it is yes, your heart will rise; if not. don't cut the branch. Now we are going to take it down to the right size - just carve it to do this. Then carve or burn or even just use marker or paint to design it like you want. Mine has my name in runes on the handle. Now we'll bless it - hold it out and say "By the power of the elements, I dedicate this wand to heal the earth, to channel my power to harm none, and to find truth. I dedicate this Magick wand in the name of witches and wizards of ancient times by the power of all that is good and all that is true. My wand honors the Magick in me and the Magick in you." Afterwords, use it to draw a circle around you and say "I consecrate this circle as a Magickal space between worlds." Then point your wand in the different directions while saying "Earth, Air, Fire, and Water (yes in that order)". Congrats, you now have a new tool.

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Mar 01, 2020
I love this article. You are an amazing author. You are lovely!

Jul 14, 2021
It’s pretty cool. I well enjoy it

May 09, 2023
What will this do?

May 12, 2023
In theory, bless a wand. When you acquire magickal tools, you should cleanse and bless them. Cleansing them energetically cleans them of any negative vibes. Blessing them tells the object/universe ''You are now for this specific purpose.'' You don't need an elaborate ritual, but some way to state ''this is your use'' is common. Also, since many witches are thrifty, it helps to make the item magickal when it might not have been used that way in the past. I bought my athame from a flea market, my ''cauldron'' is an old pot, my offering dishes come from Walmart. Were these their intended purposes? No. You can use them as such, just brush off the gross energy and say ''you're a wand now'' and through using it, it will gain that charge. [if you start to sense some weird energy from the tool, it means it's starting to get bogged down with other energies and needs a quick cleanse. Honestly, I've only needed to do this for divination tools and crystals]

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