Voice of a Siren

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This spell will give you the voice of a siren.

Casting Instructions for 'Voice of a Siren'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice
  • Belief
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice
  • Belief
Chant this 6x:
Sirens of the sea, hear my plea.

I wish to sing like you, to lure sailors to their doom.

Then end with:
So mote it be (3x)

Side effects:
Sore throat
Want to sing

Please message me if it works! Blessed be.


Added to on Jan 31, 2015
Last edited on Nov 14, 2019
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May 27, 2019
A spell won't improve singing ability, this can only be trained through practice.

does it work?

I think it worked

I do think it kinda worked

How long does it take? My throat feels strange but not really painful.

my throat is starting to hurt

ok but i am wiccan and i don't want.to hurt anyone so if i use it for good does the rule of three aply to me

Apr 22, 2020
Some level of harm will always occur if you dig deep enough. How do you define harm? Contemplate how this spell could harm another, and ask yourself if it is a risk worth taking. This spell claims it will make you sing better. You would be casting on yourself. This could result in overworking your vocal cords and doing minor physical damage to them. Is it worth the risk? Say you do not harm your voice, and as a result you become a famous singer, you will have taken the opportunity away from someone who did not cast a spell to improve their chances, thus harming them. Is it worth the risk? How you see harm and what you consider harmful can help you determine whether or not to do something. I suggest taking time to reflect on what is harmful and what you would consider morally right and wrong before dabbling in spell casting.

My throat is starting to feel weird and I just did it!

Do we say .. I wish to sing like you... 6 x also in line with Sirens of the sea? Or just once afterwards? I’m confused

It actually worked for me! And no side affects

I bursted out and it felt like i was insane, i heard the sirens singing and legit couldn't take it. Be careful

Does it actually work?

My throat is weirdly dry and I just did it...

Feb 11, 2021
You might have been focusing energy into your throat chakra and opening it. Drink some water, do a bit of energy work [specifically grounding, but you might wish to check in the energy flow through your chakras] and just observe how you feel over the next few days.

it works

I just did it and my throat kinda hurts. I really hope this works!

Aug 24, 2022
Actually improving your voice requires work, not just a chant and some beliefs. Exercise the parts of you involved in singing, take singing lessons, practice singing, be determined to sing better and apply yourself. I can sit on my butt for months and tell myself I'm a competitive swimmer , and then I'd make a fool of myself in the water. It doesn't matter what I chant about it. I'd have applied no actual effort to the desired end result.

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