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Spell Index => Health Spells => Cure Spells

Spells of this type are spells which cure diseases. Often they consist of potions which don't taste good at all.

Care should be taken, as with any spell, when casting cure spells as you are dealing with people's health. For the most part anyone can create the potion and anyone else may drink it.

More Free Cure Spells

Health an Protection potion
Help you Believe
Jordans Headache Banishing
Lemon Uncrossing
Peaceful Dreams
Poetic Inspiration
Rose Petal Healing
Sweet dreams are made of these
The Healer's Purge
Toothache Relief
Water Cure
A Pain-stopper
Angel's song
Arthritis Healing Spell
Banishing Nightmares
Burn Away Habits
Calming the Mind
Cleansing Negative Energy
Clear Acne
Cure a Stomach Ache
Depression Banishing Chant
Dragon Healing Spell
Easy Candle Healing spell
Fayrie Sugar
Freedom from Stress Spell
Grace Under Fire Potion
Headache Banishing
Healing Bath
Healing Light
Healing Spell
Healing Water-holed Stones
How to Remove a Curse or Hex
Less Pain
Moon Wishes
Overcoming Depression Spell
Pendulum Healing Sell
Purifying Emotions
Rid of Headache
Simple Healing Spell
Sleep Well
Spell To Let A Lover Go
Stop from Losing Breath
Thaumaturge Spell
Druidic Anti-Curse
4 Thieves Vinegar
A Healing Poppet
A Spell to Attune
ADHD potion
Amethyst Healing
Animal Traits Spell
Anti-Flu Potion
Archangel Raphael
Auric Healing Spell
Banish Bad Memories
Banish Illness
Banish Sickness
Banishing Charm
Better senses
Bless a Spirit
Bluen's Pain Cure Spell
Bring happiness
Brown Sugar Healing Spell
Call of Isis
Calming spell
Chakra Bath
Cleanse nearby Air
Cleansing of an Item
Cold Away Potion
Come Back
Concentration Spell
Cooling Your Anger
Create a Healing Necklace
Cure a Cough or Sore Throat
Cure anything
Cure Lycanthropy
Cure Sight Corruption
Curse Absorbtion Spell
Cursed to Human
Ease a headache
Eleneras Nightmare
Escape from a curse
Fire Health
Flu Be Gone
Gain Energy
Get Rid of Pain
Getting over someone.
Happiness Spell
Have Fun When Sick
Headache Cure Brew
Heal a Broken Heart
Heal a Female wound Spell
Heal a Heart of Hatred
Heal a Sore Throat
Heal Physical Pain
Heal Your Pain
Healing a broken heart
Healing a friend
Healing Charm
Healing for All
Healing Potion
Healing Potion
Healing Potion
Healing Prayer
Healing Someone's Soul
Healing Spell
Healing Spell 15
Heartburn Cure
Help an Addiction Go Away
Help Someone
Herbal Salves And Ointments
Hex Removal
Honey Elixir
Instant Healing Potion
Killing a Bad Habit
Killing Curse
Killing Curse
Lighten Pain
Making Potions
Mantras for the Zodiacs
Moon and Sea Protection
Nyx's Moon Soak
Pain Bane
Pain Healing
Potion of Refreshment
Purifying Water
Relaxation Tea (Read Warning)
Relieve a Headach
Remove Negative Energy
Repair Broken Feather
Reverse a Curse
Revive a Plant
Rid yourself of Minor Pain
Scratch Eradication
Sensing the energy
Simple Healing
Simple healing magick
Simple Healing Spell
Sleep or Knockout Spell
Snake's Venom
Stomach Ache Begone
Stop Minecraft Griefers
Stop the Cough
Stress Relief
Sudden Sleeping
Talking To Cats
The Denegativizer Spell:
Throat Healing
To Break A Curse
To Cure Sickness
To Heal A Broken Relationship
Truth spell/chant
Undo Your Own Soul Bond
Vanilla Anti-anxiety Chant
Violet Healing Spell
Voodoo Potion 1
Wish Fulfillment
Wish Spell of Avalokitesvara
''Reversal of Spells'' Spell
Bad Aura: Cast outs
Become Human
Break Up
Calming Spell
Cleanse Aura
Comfrey and Calendula Poultice
Cooling and Heating Drinks
Crystal Liquid (non toxic)
Cure a Bruise
Cure of the Gods
Curse Remover
Demonic Healing
Ease a Broken Heart
Easy Pain Relief Spell
Emergency Protection Spell
For Burns
For the Troubled Insomniac
Get Rid of Negative Energy
Get what you want Spell
Getting Over Someone Spell
Hair Growth
Harleen's Hex Antidotes
Heal a bruise or Relieve Pain
Heal A Household
Heal Yourself
Healing a Sprained Arm
Healing pain spell
Healing Potion
Healing Restoration Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing spell!!
Help Ebb Away Arthirits
Herbal Remedy for Sunburn
How to Make Salt
Joyful Candle
Latin Love Charm
Lucky Hand Charm Bag
My Family the World
My Spell To See Better
No more bad Habits
Oil of Healing
Peeling Skin Elixer
Plant Growth Potion
Prayer To Morrigan
Protection from Nightmares
Psi Ball Healing
Quit an Addiction
Reverse a Curse or Spell
Reverse Your Vampire Curse
Rid Anger Cool Down
Rid Weaknesses
Schizophrenia Stop
Shut up Spell
Simple Herbal Remedy
Speed Up Healing
Stop Sneezing Spell
Straight Spine
The blood power
To Find Peace
To Relieve Anxiety
To take Away the Pain
Water Meditation
Cleansing Bodily Negative Energy
How to make moon water ( Luna water )
Seven Chakra Cleansing and Awakening
To Bring Someone into your Life
A Simple Recipe to Cure a Sore Throat
To Banish Hatred and Resentment
Basic Healing for Closing wounds.
Before preforming Black Magic Spells
Cleaner Enviroment (Only for you)
Evil Eye Oil Spell to Lift a Jinx
Get rid of a DemonNegetive Entity, and restore the damage it has done to your chakras. (Very Advanced!!!)
Healing those known and Unknown to you
Pain Relieving and Tolerance Technique
Relaxation Spiritual Healing Oil
Spell to drive away haunted spirits
Anti War Spells (Oils, Candle and Chant-Like Spell) (Afghanistan, Iran, Vietman, Russia, etc.)
How to get a spell to be successful
Spell to Heal Your Friend Broken Heart
spell to reverse depression
a simple spell to heal a cut
cleansing with light
cure for boils potion
fleeing flu
real lycan curse read summary
sing a cure food poisoning
stop cutting yourself
wishing leaves
cure warning
good luck spell
love vs hate spell
to heal a person
emotinal healing oil spread/scent w/candles
vampretic sunscreen by alchemy12
Help with Insomnia
Immortal Healing Spell
Joyful candle spell
No More Tickles
Radiant Health
Smooth Sailing
Tested Healing Method
To Heal the Face
Undo Spell
/Stronger Power Ritual\
Acoda's Curse Breaker
Banishing spell
Calling the Energies
Clean Body of Negative Energy
Cleansing the Spirit
Crystal Pain Relief
Cure the Illness
Ease Stomach Ache
Exorcism Brew
Fear Banishment
Get Rid of Sadness
Headache Away
Heal most ailments
Healing A Scar
Healing Candle Spell
Healing Potion
Healing Through Pure Energy
House Cleansing
Lavender Bath
Make protection/blessing Water
No Pain
Parent Kindness Potion
Protection from sickness
Remote Healing
Sigil Manifestation
Sleep at Peace
Small Scratch Healer
Spell To Repair A Friendship
Sweet Disengagement
To Heal A Bruse
/Stronger Power Ritual\
A Cancer Healing Spell
A Spell For Well Being
Acne Begone
Akasha's Uncrossing Candle
Ancient Indian Spell (Mantra)
Anger Banishment Spell
Anti Anxiety
Anti-Madness Potion
Apple Banishing
Aura Cleanse
Banish a Bad Emotion
Banish Grief
Banish pimples
Banish your fears
Basic Healing Spell
Black Magic Protection
Blood Healing
Breathing Healing Spell
Bring Happiness
Burning Pain Healing
Calming Down Spell
Cat Vision
Changing Your Skin Color
Cleansing Space
Cold Fighting
Communication Healing
Confusion Oil
Crap Pain Relief
Cura (Cure)
Cure Acne
Cure for HIV/AIDS
Cure Potion
Curing Spell
Curse Reversal
Dog Vision Enhancer
Durendal's Cure for Vampirism
Eden's Seal of Protection
Enhancing Confidence
Fire Healing Spell
Flatter Stomach
Flu Cure
Friendship Spell
Get Rid of Headache
Get What You Wished For
Good night's sleep.
Happiness (music) spell
Happiness Spell
Headache Cure
Heal a Broken Heart
Heal a Broken Heart
Heal a Headache
Heal a Sick Person
Heal an Infected Cut
Heal Power
Healing (Cancer)
Healing a cut for Beginners
Healing Candle Spell
Healing Family
Healing In Time
Healing Potion
Healing Potion
Healing Potion.
Healing someone
Healing Song
Healing Spell
Health Potion
Heat Rash Healing Spell
Help an addiction go away
Herbal Acne Remedy
Herbs and Oils
Holy ptotection
How to relief stress
Immortality Spell
Isis Healing
Killing Curse
Killing Curse
Liberation Seal
Magic Returning
Mantra of Sitatapatra
Mirror Rid Illness
Moon Healing
Pain Away
Pain Cure
Pranic breathing
Psychic Abilities
Regain Emotion
Relaxing Bath
Remove a Death Curse
Removing Headache
Restful Sleep
Reverse a curse
RId misfortune from yourselfo
Save your Soul
Self Hypnosis
Shadows Conumption
Simple Healing
Simple Healing Spell
Simple Spell To Help Ease Pain
Smooth Transition
Spear My Life
Stomach Bug/Ache Healing
Stop Pains
Stress Be Gone!
Stress spell
Summon Any Spirit to Heal You
Teeth Whitening Spell
The seer
To Aid Falling Asleep
To cure a headache
To get rid of Writers Block
To heal any type of Pain Fast
Vampire Curse Reverse
Very Simple Happiness Potion
Voodoo Healing Chant
Wart Cure
Wish spell
Azlene's Sight Spell
Banish Bad Energy
Black Magic Protection
Break Up Unfit Couple
Candle Magic
Cleansing Spell
Conquer a fear
Crystal Liquid
Cure Hiccups
Curing Gaze
Demon Killer
Earth Healing Cone
Easy Healing
Exorcism the Satanic Way
For Stomach Pain
Gain Energy from Nature
Get what you Want Spell
Get What you Want Spell
Greatest Healing Potion
Headache relief
Heal a Fire Burn
Heal Your Friends Broken Heart
Healing From Afar
Healing Potion
Healing Potion
Healing Some One You Love
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Towel
Herb Healing Spell
Horse Spell
How to reverse a curse
Lady Oriel Healing
Look Into The Eye
Lunar Health Water
My Spell To Hear Better
Nail of Anger
No Writers Block
Overcome Fear
Physical Healing
Potion of Liberation
Protection from Spirits
Quick and Easy Healing
Reduction of Pain
Reverse A Spell
Reversing Curse
Rid the Bad Luck
Rid Yourself of Lice
Simple Animal Healing Spell
Simple Stress Relief Potion
Spell Reversal
Stops All Spells
Taking away Pain from Injuries
The fix-it spell
To Heal a Family Member
To Rid Yourself of Pain
Undo Vampiric Transformation
Help sore throat and congestion
Lemon Uncrossing Spell (Break A Curse)
Tasty Potion to Heal a Cold/Cough
Witch's Blessing for a Home and the Dwellers
Foregeting the Pain of a Lost One
A Spell To Relieve Drink Dependence
Become or Not Become a Creature
Blondie's spell to cure a broken heart
Cold relief potion *it tastes nasty, but it works*
Friends and Family Curing Spell
Healing Mantra of Medicine Buddha
Invocation for Discovering Truth
Reduce A Friend's Depression Spell
Reverse Spell With Candle Magick
To increase Health and Vitality
Cure Someone's Emotional Sadness
Magick Infused Healing Potion With Chant
Spell To Stop Bleeding by MermaidTale
a god spell
become and animal wish
creat cllodial silver
ease stomach ache
heal a cold/headache
no pain
real vampire spell
stay home from school potion
to heal a burn
bless spirits
feel better spell
healing spell
temparary no pain
be with one with nature spell (kitsune14)
secret knowledge and ultra time science
conjure blood for vampires by alchemy12


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