Healing those known and Unknown to you

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • something to symbolize the 5 elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit
  • Its best if you use salt for earth
  • and an amethyst for spirit
  • At least 4 White or Blue candles(Health)
  • Black or Red candle (Injury)
  • Something to represent the person
  • bowl(Any kind)

Here's two different yet similar spells to heal someone you know and another to heal someone you don't know like maybe a friends friend.

Casting Instructions for 'Healing those known and Unknown to you'

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Alrighty so I wrote this spell so please don't steal it, I got it from my Book of Shadows so here we go. The first one is healing someone known to you.
May they be healed
by the elements of life
Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Spirit abound
coursing through and around them
healing them from pain and
protecting them from death.
+When you say the elements put something that represents each of the elements into a bowl along with something that represents the person you are healing.
+At the beginning of the spell have the black or red candle(Color doesn't matter) lit. This represents pain and injury that the person has.
+At the end of the spell snuff out the lit candle and light the white or blue one(Again color doesn't matter) this represent the pain going away and health taking it's place. Take the health candle and burn the stuff in the bowl.
Note:You can put out the fire in the bowl soon after and the bowl must be flammable but let the blue candle burn out on its own.

Now the spell for healing someone unknown to you.
Let (Say person's name here) be healed from pain and death
May the spirit and the earth be bound as one
and heal this persons mind body and soul
to let them live a full life
+When you say spirit and earth sprinkle salt on an amethyst
+At the end of the spell light a white or blu candle (Whatever is fine)
+Repeat this 3 times, repeating the steps all 3 times.

Hope this helped everyone!! If you have any questions or concerns about it please just put it in my mail and I'll answer as soon as possible.


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